Guess How Many? #124

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Game Rules

  • First person to guess the exact number wins the game.

  • Winner will receive :
    *70% STEEM from #123 blog post.
    *70% STEEM from this blog post.

  • The first (10) people to resteem this post with your answer will receive 0.050 STEEM.
    *Reply with "Resteem" with your answer.

  • No winner :
    *We will use the same item for the next game.
    *Seven days maximum for an item to be used.
    *70% STEEM from this blog post will be added to the next game.

  • One try per person.

  • Game last only for 24 hours.

Lets play...

How many Sugar Jujubes are there?

Support @bola with a witness vote. | | Twitter @1Big_Word

Game Result

  • No winner
  • We will use the same item for the next game.
  • 70% STEEM from this blog post will be added to Guess How Many? #125.

Thank you all for playing.

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just trying to think outside the box
and it makes me laugh lol




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Resteem 70

thank you

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