Guess My Number Contest #6

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(Inspired by @bigram13) The easiest contest on Steemit.

Rules: Guess the number that I made up, between 1 and 1,000,000. Top 3 closest win. In case of a 2- way tie, the 1st and 2nd prize will be split. In case of a 3 or more tie, all 3 prizes will be split among the winners. Only 1 guess per person, please. You must upvote this post and re-steem this post. Just post your answer in the comments along with your upvote and don't forget to re-steem also. I do have a picture of me with the number that I will post when I announce the winners.

1st - 100% upvote your latest post on your blog, 40% of the SBD I get from this post.
2nd - 90% upvote your latest post on your blog, 20% of the SBD I get from this post.
3rd - 80% upvote your latest post on your blog, 10% of the SBD I get from this post.
NOTE: If you hit the number exactly, I will add 10% to the SBD. Also Note that you no longer have to follow my blog to be officially entered, however you do need to re-steem along with upvoting. Also I changed the percentage of the upvotes.
Since I am now including the Proof of Payment and the results posts from the previous contest in with the prize, it would benefit us all if you would re-steem those posts also.

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Entry Confirmed.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Cool. An easy way to get a little bit more in the pot. Just keep recycling the same format, but just change the contest number.


Entry confirmed.

You did win first place in my contest #6, but you still do not have a post to upvote.

211,014 winner winner chicken dinner

Entry Confirmed.

When I upvoted your post for getting 2nd place in contest #6, I accidentally only gave you and 81% vote versus a 90% vote. To make up for it, since you didn't have any more posts to upvote, I resteemed the post. I hope you will be happy with that.

Thanks that works for me. I wish more people would participate in your contest!


Entry Confirmed.