Guess My Number Contest #5

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(Inspired by @bigram13)

Rules: Guess the number that I made up, between 1 and 1,000,000. Top 3 closest win. In case of a 2- way tie, the 1st and 2nd prize will be split. In case of a 3 or more tie, all 3 prizes will be split among the winners. Only 1 guess per person, please. You must upvote this post and re-steem this post. Just post your answer in the comments along with your upvote and don't forget to re-steem also. I do have a picture of me with the number that I will post when I announce the winners.

1st - 100% upvote your latest post on your blog, 40% of the SBD I get from this post.
2nd - 90% upvote your latest post on your blog, 20% of the SBD I get from this post.
3rd - 80% upvote your latest post on your blog, 10% of the SBD I get from this post.
NOTE: If you hit the number exactly, I will add 10% to the SBD. Also Note that you no longer have to follow my blog to be officially entered, however you do need to re-steem along with upvoting. Also I changed the percentage of the upvotes.
Since I am now including the Proof of Payment and the results posts from the previous contest in with the prize, it would benefit us all if you would re-steem those posts also.

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My guess is: 999000


Entry Confirmed.



Have you checked out the book yet? It really is a pleasure to read.


No. There are no bookstores where I can buy one here in the Philippines. I might have to just go with the movie for now.
Are you guessing "42" again or is there a book called "42" and I'm just assuming you mean the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?


I will continue to guess 42 until you watch the movie....

Oh just to let you know there was a bbc mini series on it that was much better than the "Hollywood" movie. Longer but a much better attempt at following the book. I'm sure you could find it online. It's been many years since I've seen it.

Yeah the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.


I've already got the movie loaded and ready to go, but I'll look for the mini-series later.

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You must also resteem the contest before you are eligible.



Entry Confirmed.

18 800


You need to upvote and re-steem this post before your entry is valid.



Entry Confirmed.

my entry is "200000"


Entry Confirmed