Someone sold you some bad swag..

You shaved your pubes.

The dog was rolling in the plants and tracked them in? Looks like my doorway.

What I see, is the remains of grass on the floor. That's what I can guess. You did not ask how that got there. :)

Very philosophical you are :) lol

i think the wind made it reach there.

Looks like you were sweeping the yard

cooking and some herbs fell on the floor

haha, there's a bird nest above what's in the picture!

Kid was picking weeds.

Most likely your dog was at it again and rolled through the grass am maybe also ate some.

The big wind blows​ it into your house then your dog went to bite it?

Your dog was hanging out outside and messing around with plants and brought back some.

Maybe it looks like you were jogging in a wooded place and you took with you the remains of the plants.

it's grass, maybe you are cleaning grass in front of the house😙😙

hi oh your dog ate the plants

You were too high to retain the directions for transplanting your marijuana plants.

Someone used a grass-cutting machine.

you went in with dirty shoes

The dog went and bite some of the plants out 🙈

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You've forgot to clean the floor tiles.

Oh! This competition is still there?

Those are coriander leaves I guess.

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