Gloomy greenery of Guangzhou, China

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Last year I’ve visited Guangzhou city in China. I managed to get there during the storm season. The weather was very stuffy, despite the abundance of greenery. In addition, every day it was drizzling with rain. For example, Uzbekistan after the rain usually comes the long-awaited, but short-lived coolness. But here, the evaporating water only intensified the stifling stuffiness. But the locals say that this kind of weather happens in the summer. Other times are better.

As usual, I'm "lucky" - not only did I get into the most stifling season, but I had to constantly hobble around in various institutions, so at the wrong time a storm warning was announced. According to information of synoptician, in Guanzhou is approaching the typhoon and everyone was recommended to stay at home. People disappeared from the streets, all state institutions and schools were closed. My hotel was located in the center of the city, so people were constantly floundering around the day and night. And here once and disappeared - not all, of course. But compared to the usual day it seemed that around it was deserted.

Since there was still nothing to do, I spent all day in the hotel room and just then I took these photos. The typhoon never came, it just rained hard rain. Plus there were a couple of strong gusts of wind and on this cataclysm, fortunately, ended.

On the photos everything looks gloomy, but on a normal sunny day - the greenness pleases with its brightness and the dark green windows of skyscrapers reflect the sun.

30 second exposure

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