A Tale Of Gratitude (Pay It Forward Day)

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Typing this while getting ready to go work tonight and I'll try to make this as simple as I can.

Today is "Pay it Forward" day.
I try to. I'll keep private who and how. But I know that my wife @bloghound ,our daughter Arianni and I made it through rough times through the kindness of friends and family. It's my turn (now that I can) to help others.

My experience is that you understand the integrity, love and delight that is the pith of life. Being caught up in this integrity, the regular articulation is to love.

Everybody is human and everybody commits errors. There is dependably a learning procedure in the event that you are modest. In a general sense, individuals who do genuinely stir to the Infinite joy that is at the quintessence of this minute, tend to express this joy with kindness and thoughtfulness.

When we die, our grave stones say only two things. If we were a good person and if we lived a good life. The rest doesn't even matter.


Thank you @cherylsonty @paradise-found

Thank you for reading.

Photo is mine and taken in the Philippines
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greetings good publicaion


Thank you @davidjose28

I totally agree with you my friend and I didn't know that the lovely @bloghound is your wife, she is a very good friend.
Wish you guys all the best life has to offer.
God Bless!


Thank you very much @joalvarez !
Love and blessings!

Keep spreading the gratefulness. Have an attitude of gratitude always.


Thank you, Arief!

Such a great perspective, @vegasgambler . I must say that you and @bloghound resonate with each other so beautifully . You are both on the same vibration. And this is a blessing. Stay blessed both of you ! :)


That was nice of you @nehab ! Thank you!


My pleasure 😊

Haven’t met you personally but I know that you’re a good person with a wonderful and adorable family. I so love your daughter, Arianni, my little best friend. Stay blessed and happy, @vegasgambler. God loves you.


Thank you @jap60 !

So true and you are blessed, @vegasgambler. Stay happy and keep on being a blessing to others, God bless you and your wonderful family :-)


Thank you @shirleynpenalosa . You too!

Thank you very much sir for your entry. It's noted!


Thank you @cherylsonty !

What a beautiful photo! Yes, pay-it-forward is the best pf humanity. Be well, my friend.


Thank you @wandrnrose7 !

Hello my friend! You and @blogound are both amazing.