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Am Kanemonday by name, am the second (2nd child) in the family of four (4).
I'm really grateful to GOD for him sparing my life and keeping me to alive to witness and give my beloveth dad the last respect.
I lost my dad late last year,and we were yet to bury him.an unexpected event happened in my life which shook the hell out of me.
One Saturday morning two(2) ago, I had a test in school by 7.00am,so I didnt bother eating any thing, though I missed the test because I got to school late. So I went to my colleague's house hoping to eat there, but when I got there ,there was no food at home, so we stayed till 12.00pm,when we all contributed money and prepared a pot of melon soup.
You know students life we no dy carry last for rushing over food😉 after rushing over the hot food, they started football, I gladly joined in playing. I didn't play up to 30min when the unexpected happened ,"I collapsed" while trying to kick the ball.
My friends told me at first they thought I was joking till when they saw that my teeths were about guming together and my eye balls turned white, that was when they started pouring me water, the they said the part that freaked them out was when I stopped breathing.
They had to start pressing my chest,I finally became conscious, the funniest part was when I woke up I start struggling with them saying
"Mek una leave me, if I lay here I go die" let me stop here. Thanks for reading.
Thanks to
@cherylsonty and @paradise-found for this great contest.

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Thank God for your life.

That means you would have been dead by now


Yeah.....but thanks to GOD

Thanks for you entry dear, it's noted.