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Hello friends and participants of gtg contest,am so grateful to you all for participating, thanks to you all.

It was amazing reading your wonderful stories

It's good to give thanks, personally am grateful for God's goodness and mercies upon my life, for my another birthday yet to come in 7days, i don't know how it's going to be that day but do well to stop by my blog on 22nd.

In all we had 13 entries but then our prize pool cannot carry everyone, I could only add one more SBD to accommodate one extra HM.

I sincerely wish I could do more,by the grace of God, we are going to be having subsequent editions of gtg contest so if you didn't make it this time you can always try again.

It's not just about your story, but we want to feel that vibes in your story.


1ST PLACE(3SBD): @celineaugustinee

2ND PLACE(2.5SBD): @thecolaguy

3RD PLACE (1.5SBD): @sola3097








Rewards have been sent to everyone, do well to confirm at the comment section once you receive your reward.

Once again thanks to you all, thanks to @paradise-found for his support and for making this a reality, i really appreciate daddy!

Much love from me to you all 😍😍

I am @cherylsonty!

Keep steeming!


Congrats to all the winners. Im glad i won a honourable mention and the $1 prize received will be put to good use.

Thanks to @cherylsonty and @paradise-found for counting my entry worthy enough of a win. Im mighty grateful for this.

Looking forward to the next contest!

Congratulations to you dear @paigegirl.

Wow! Thank you so much for choosing me as a 2nd placer @cherylsonty. I didn't expect that. Thanks also to @paradise-found. 😊God Bless you Ma'am and more power to you.

Advance Happy Birthday also @cherylsonty 🎉🎂😊

I received it already. Thank you so much.

Thanks too for your warm wishes!

A very big congratulations to the Winners. Very sure the next one won't pass me by.

Thank you @cherylsonty. I got my reward. Congratulations to the other winners.

Thank you @cherylsonty . God bless you.

Thanks for the contest and for picking me too. Thanks

Oh my God! I'm really short of words dearest @cherylsonty. I feel so honored to be in your first position. I received the 3sbd reward and I'm grateful to you and Papa Bear @paradise-found for organizing this beautiful contest. Congratulations to everyone.
Also want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday in advance. 🎂🎂
I pray God blesses you more and more, enlarge your coast and take you to the next level.

Thanks @cherylsonty and @paradise-found , I won 1.5sbd as the third, am grateful ,may God give you the strength and support you need so that this contest will continue and will grow bigger.... Amen

Wow! Congrats to all the winners
I will surely partake in the next contest


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Congrats to the winners