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Hello there Peoples!
CaliMeatWagon here.
Bringing you the changes in GTA Online for the week of January 13th, 2022.

This week’s Prize Ride Dinka RT3000, won by placing Top 2 in Street Races for 5 days in a row.
The Podium Vehicle is the Ocelot Jugular
The Nagasaki Shinobi is purchasable.
And Double Down, a new adversary mode, has been released.

This week’s Premium Race is Congestion Charge
The Time Trial is El Burro Heights
And the RC Time Trial is Construction Site II

The Discounts for this week are 40% Off of the Överflöd Autarch, Declasse DR1, Ocelot R88, Ocelot Lynx, and Karin Previon
35% Off of the Progen PR4
30% Off of the Dewbauchee Champion, All Garages, and Imani Tech
Plus 25% Off of Agencies and Renovations

The Bonuses for this week are Triple Cash and RP on Double Down Mode
Plus Double Cash and RP on Payphone Hits, Associate Salary, and the High Society Leak.

Alrighty Peoples, that’s it for this week, until the next one

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