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For Manufacturers, Passengers of Flying Aerial
This a very unique project. Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a company based in France with great and lot of transparency.
With their new innovation by using just an app you will be able to request a flight — just the way you request a ride! The aerial vehicle will takes you to the nearest landing area or even the roof of your house! Imagine a world where this service is not just exclusive for ‘first class citizens’, but rebranded to become a commodity!
The above does not describe a sci-fi film script. GSC Aviation is a combination of database effectiveness that has been tested for query processes with blockchain technology security to provide a reliable and reliable platform for updating information such as vendor financial strength, quality standards, and data MRO. In the background, a large and decentralized computer network records every transaction made by each member of the supply chain in a continuous and updated blockchain in real-time. this future of flight system has been brought to us by Genesis supply chain . The future is here!
The vision of is to be the community of customers and businesses bringing closer the imminent future of the shared use of aerial vehicles for mass passenger urban aviation and to accelerate the creation of both aerial vehicles, the community-maintained blockchain solutions and other infrastructure for their use — technological, legal, and social.
The community and consortium is fully aware that effective collaboration of various businesses is required to expedite the future of urban aerial vehicles’ ridesharing network. Hence, the Blockchain Aero Consortium was established.


Genesis Supply Chain project focus on supply chain answer for enhance flight security and streamline forms for Supply Chain Industry.
It is revealed that GSC will create a cost effective supply by manufacturers. It will also ensure there is a decreasing the expenses and time with a simple device to execute in the blockchain innovation.

GSC mission is to disentangle the procedures engaged with dealing with the supply chain and enhance flight security with end to end parts following from manufacture to establishment utilizing the blockchain. We will give suppliers and purchasers productive and incredible specialized instruments that will empower them to streamline and anchor their inside procedures. GSCP will extend purchasers and dealers reach through our worldwide commercial center.
GSC will empower Aviation Part traceability all through the entire supply chain from manufacturer to establishment at that point till the finish of its administration life by chronicle the imperative data on the blockchain by means of hashlinks.
This will enhance flight security by diminishing mishaps identified with part weariness and the utilization of fakes and increment trust and dependability among suppliers and purchasers.
The potential advantages could include:
Enhanced data quality
Single, traceable record of sequential numbers
Better and increasingly precise support history
Expanded trust between specialist co-ops, suppliers and operators
Cheaper compliance, expanding airworthiness"


The blockchain for #GSCPlatform must prompt make our clients autonomous, dealing with their business and their purchases with their accomplices, suppliers and clients without the mediation of an outsider. This will prompt decrease time utilization all the while and could spare a great deal of cash for any business through the world.
With the Smart Purchases blockchain innovation, GSC Platform SAS will make each organization ready to deal with his supply chain process with a conclusion to end arrangement giving by the blockchain. The purchaser will set up his agreement (Purchase Order), when concurred by the supplier and the cargo forwarder, contracts will be encoded to end up smart contracts. At that point all the procedure will be completely aced by the blockchain in a mechanized way. It will spare time, cash and make the data dependable, accessible, secure and unchanging.


GSC team envisioned the developmental potential the blockchain can give to parts following, coordinations and purchaser forms. The GSC Platform will enhance wellbeing and reduce costs in the supply chain industry. The project will also likely enhance flight wellbeing and permit economies of scale for each acquiring office in all ventures by improving the supply chain all in all.

Blockchain Control and Traceability
GSC Platform's Blockchain innovation is utilized to store and anchor the whole life cycle of an aeronautical parts. From assembling to plane establishment, through general investigations, fixes or redesigns in the workshop, it's conceivable to counsel every one of the methods performed. On account of Blockchain innovation and the ideal traceability of aviation parts, flying machine are more secure and traveler and team wellbeing is upgraded.


Current and future members of the Consortium include:
Blockchain software developers
Experimental aircraft developers and manufacturers
Aircrafts interior designers
Serial aircraft manufacturers
IT integrators
Investment funds
Research organizations
Prototyping centers
Vertiport owners and operators
Traffic operators
Entrepreneurs for various functions across the value chain.


You need to have some tokens in your wallet. You can then order an aerial vehicle. The vehicle arrives and takes you to your desired destination. Some token are transferred from your wallet into the operational wallet of the vehicle from which the vehicle autonomously settles all associated costs of the urban flight and its ecosystem and infrastructure. (These costs include: battery recharge costs, landing site ‘vertiport’ rent, purchase of media content the passenger opted to enjoy, scheduled maintenance, air traffic control, insurance costs, etc).
Upon landing the vehicle settles costs related to its resource consumption by transferring respective amount of tokens into its internal “total flight” counter called “resource wallet”. This is the life time “meter” of each vehicle, much like the odometer is used to measure the lifetime of the automobile. The exact number of tokens to be transferred from the current wallet to the resource wallet for any particular trip is determined by an open calculation algorithm based on the usage rate of each technical component and of the whole vehicle.


• Helicopters are expensive and more or less unsafe. Airplanes need runways, and both need experienced and expensive pilots. The solution is a mass-a ordable electric autonomous four passenger VTOL (also known as “the flying car”) priced 3 to 5 times lower than helicopters and covering distances 2 times farther at similar altitudes.
• The flying vehicle will be over ten times faster than a modern car.
• With the flying vehicle, you can save time by avoiding traffic jams.
• The flying vehicle will be affordable for all. (Today, one minute of flight on a chartered helicopter is worth 15 to 40 US Dollars. It is going to be far cheaper with the flying vehicle: One token shall technically equal to roughly one minute of flight — a unit in which all value across the mass urban flight value chain shall be measured for a decentralized community- backed mass urban aviation system to emerge)
• The flying vehicle will create almost zero environmental hazards as it has lower emissions.
• The system is decentralized and self-regulating.


The community of decentralized urban flights is formed by the several dozen enthusiasts of decentralized urban mass aviation, and the Blockchain. aero business consortium is founded by the industrial blockchain project community.


The team comprises of people who understand branding, marketing, business, aviation industry and blockchain technology.


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GSC Aviation
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