Hello WORLD!

in growth •  8 months ago

Hey everyone. My name is Peter but you can just call me Cozmo.

For almost 2 years a great friend of mine here told me so many great things about this site and the crazy level of leveraging it encompasses with the whole crypto world side of things and how it would be an awesome platform for me to showcase what I am passionate about...so.... Here I am finally!

In SHORT- My passion/passsions range from everything relating to edm culture, custom airbrushing, researching ancient history, religion, astronomy, philosophy down to my obsession with self development and how the pioneers of today (such as Anthony Robbins, Patrick Bet-David, Gary Vaynerchuk etc) and all the content online has in one way or another changed my entire life!

I am really excited where this whole steemit movement will take me as I continue to learn how this site works.

Personal branding is my aim- but growing as the truth seeker, building amazing relationships and inspiring the world with what I've learned in life is what keeps me in full immersion!

So... Hello STEEMIT 😀😜😱


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Hey bud! Good to see you! :) Looks like you forgot to use the #introduceyourself tag, but besides that.. A good introduction!
It may be a bit slow at first, but.. I think if you take it seriously and regularly post your artwork and ideas that you'll really start to enjoy it over here! And heck.. You may not even use Facebook that much anymore if you truly start to realize how much potential there is here.
I still post on Facebook, but don't spend much time over there anymore..
Hopefully in time many more continue the mass exodus, heh. You're still pretty early.
Anyways. Glad to see you on here and don't forget to ask if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help.

welcome on steemit family! enjoy because the people here are very friendly.. just keep posting.. hoping for your success and more power !god bless :)


Thanks a bunch. Much to learn.