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I'm growing on Hive. Normally, I try and keep around 1,000 HP, powering down and using the excess SP to fund other projects, interests and hobbies. But now now. Now, I'm going to grow my personal account. I'll be posting a lot more during quarantine and using the earnings from the posts as a way to fund the growth.

I recently made a goals post. I didn't mention goals for hive, but a new goal of mine is 2,000 HP. Well, it's more of an ever increasing goal, but to have a measurable goal, I set a number to it.

It's not going to be easy. I don't have very many readers. I have nearly a thousand followers, but how many readers? I'd say under 10. More followers isn't another goal of mine. More readers is. But I don't think I'll do well in this aspect. I don't write often, or even about the same topic. I don't follow a posting schedule. I'm a wildcard.

I guess it's not bad to be a wildcard. It's who I am. I'm not an author. I've said that many times before. But this quarantine has led me towards being more of one. Doesn't mean I'm a good one though. It doesn't take a decent author to grow though.

It just takes effort. I used to not put effort into what I did. And thats an aspect in life that I have grown in. I'd say I was a very lazy person most of my life, I still am, but nowhere near as much as I was am now. I've changed in the last year and I can see it.

I've grown, and I want to see of how you have grown as well. For anyone following both me and @giftgiver, get ready for a little bit of a sneak peak on the writing topic for GiftGiver's weekly contest. Be sure to wait for an official announcement from @giftgiver to post though.


thanks a lot for your support !!!
Well done is better than well said.
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