Now Top 1000 on Alexa and Ben Swann Is Now On D.Tube...

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2 years ago, I would have never guessed that I would be writing about being a top 1000 websites on Alexa. It is absolutely astounding that we got to this point so quickly, with a website that is not yet brought to it's full potential.

But I'm glad, the guys at steemit have dedicated so much of their energy on improving the performance of the website AND the blockchain as @ned mentioned on his latest post on @steemitblog. Without that, we would be toasted and we wouldn't have this conversation.

You see, it's not only that need to run on this blockchain but also other serious projects. Here is what 's happening in term of popularity of the steem blockchain: - The Main Hub - Decentralized and Uncensorable Video Platform - Alternative to - Incentivized Open-Source Contributions

...and many others.

What does this mean?

Right now, we are hitting the hyperbolic curve. Even though Alexa is not a perfect metric to know the amount of traffic that a website has, it is quite useful as a comparative tool. Climbing from to the top 1000 to the top 500 is much harder than from the top 5000 to the top 1000.

The most powerful tool I've found to see how the STEEM blockchain grows internally is this one

There you will see that the active userbase is climbing steadily. We are a far cry from what reddit(Alexa 7) or 285) does it term of output and traffic but give us a couple more years and I wouldn't be surprised by and others to be in the top 100.

Other News - The Real Ben Swann Is On D.Tube

I don't know for you but one of my favorite investigative journalist is Ben Swann and his Truth in Media project. He went dark after his famous Reality Check on the Pizza Gate controversy. A full year without a single news from him. Lots of people were worried but now he is back and fully independent from the mainstream media. Check out his website:

His Come-Back with Dash

Reaching Out to Him

So now that I knew that he was aware of cryptocurrencies, I reached out to him via Facebook Messenger and told him that I could find him support via the Steem Blockchain.

I wasn't sure @benswann account on Steemit was his real account. After checking with him that it was his real account, I was sad that when he posted in the past he wasn't noticed. So I told him that I would get him support if he started uploading on D.Tube.

And that is how, was posted on D.Tube 2 days ago. I'm still in discussion with him to see how Steem can help his project of bringing Truth in Media to the moon and we will see where it goes from here...but it is a good start.


It's easier to incentivize your favourite content creators to join or when you have enough Steem Power to make it worth their while OR know people who have enough SP. Please consider adding @benswann to your auto-vote on, that way, we can bring more Truth in Media.

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First they don’t believe this site until they start for themselves and see the wonders it brings . When I first joined I thought , how can someone pay me for my thoughts and ideas ? I was wrong . I started to tell others and they laughed at me and now I’m sitting with an account balance of 23K . We still need to get more awareness out , those in poor countries that have access to internet can join and change their life forever like I changed mine .

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Yes it is sure the more steemit becomes known to people more popularity it gains because it self-employs everyone. I think this year of 2018 this steemit will gain more than million is really cool here ,you post about what you like and people with same interest keep in touch with you ....a persons gets a lot of knowledge..
Yup sure i will add up @benswann in steemauto ...i already registered there....

I think focus on unique and qualitative content will push steemit on higher level and attract more people even those whos not here for economic gain.

Really i feel proud with steemit as a steemians . To remove poverty this website will touch milestone soon.

Yeah that's right! Actually I am new in this community and it does a lot of good things for us all steemians it really helps big time not just financially but also making & meeting new friends too from all parts of the world.

I think this year of 2018 this steemit will gain more than million users

For sure! We are already at over 700,000, so it's not even that far away anymore ;)

Man I never even heard of Ben Swann before this video, probably because when I was getting really into cryptocurrencies he had already gone dark. But this was an awesome video from him and I need to follow his work now!! I loved how he kept things so short and simple. Most cryptocurrency related videos that are decent enough are like 20-30 minutes long and you don't always have the time to watch them. But Ben looks just like the guy we need on a busy schedule!!

This is awesome I love that new popular Youtubers coming on the platform are getting such great support. I'm worried though that this will overshadow talented people already on the platform that have been here and helping build the community on this platform.

Yeah it's harder to climb 1000 to 500 in Alexa than 5000 to 1000! But STEEMIT doing it's best and it will probably at the top 100 soon! I didn't know about Ben Swann before! I hope to be a follower of his posts as well!
Thank you for sharing this useful update too!


Back in the US? i hope you had a good flight. Yes we must be happy steemit can scale with the amount of users we have now. I think we will double again in 2018 if the right marketing takes place.. Looking forward to the projects people submitted to you..

Excellent news, my friend, that the is increasingly rising in the rally among the many sites and I very much hope that this way to the top will continue even more rapidly! I am also glad to hear from you about such a person as the @benswann and I am confident that his content on the Steemit and will provide very substantial support to the Steem Blockchain , so I welcome the @benswann and wish him luck! Thank you @cryptoctopus

@benswann is on steemit?? Sorry for the short comment, I'm out of this post now and following there!

It always sounds good when I read about the progress of this platform, it will definitely come under 100, 50s and finally in the top 10 if we all continue to add valuable content to this platform! Infact, there are many topics which the Google shows Steemit results only and that's great!

Remember that steemit is still the only competitor in blockchain social platform. I Will only put ALL my faith in Steemit when we see what Will be its state when the competition start to appear.

Also, good job on bringing more quality people to Join the platform.

The biggest threat is likely to come from the EOS competitor, but STEEM does have a significant first mover advantage. I think the next 6 months will be critical for STEEM to grow and improve before that competitor is launched.

It's a great moment for us that steem is growing day by day and I hope very soon it will on the top of list. We give a huge welcome to @benswann . I will resteem it so that it may help @benswann . So many good projects are running on this platform and many more to come as mentioned by @ned in his latest post. Steem on

Hi @cryptoctopus, thanks for all the good news that we are already on the top 1000 of Alexa. Looking at our current rate, it's positive that we shall achieve the next milestone in top 500 soon. It's cool to know that the Truth in Media @benswann was already here. I wish I can do for him, however my SP is so low that I have serious issues with my voting power. It really made me feel down all the time. I feel helpless with this voting power issue. Nevertheless I will consider adding @benswann to my auto vote when my SP has reached to a powerful level. I just visited and found it to be very useful. Thanks @cryptoctopus and wishing you a pleasant day. Stay Blessed! and Steem On!

@cryptoctopus - OMG Steemit rocks Sir... Moreover, you made a nice brief article about all other STEEM blockchain based apps too Sir... I heard a lot of big news that most of top Youtubers are joining DTube too... Nice you decided to talk about it Sir...


Hey, top 1000 ain't too shabby! There are still a lot of things that can improve on here, and it's amazing that it's already so popular and it's not close to reaching its full potential yet.

It's quite amazing how far Steemit has grown. Now that I'm familiar with how the platform works, I'm not too surprised, as it's amazing and is built around an amazing community, but I can't help but look back to my first encounter with Steemit, when I thought it was just some prototype concept which was mainly used by its own creators (which was somewhat true at the time). I'm kind of sad that I didn't look more into it back then, but I'm actively trying to get my friends into this and I know a lot of other users are doing the same, so I am pretty certain that Steemit can be a top 100 website, sooner or later. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that I hadn't heard of Ben Swann before, but it's awesome that you incentivize his return to Steem. I will check out his content. Autoupvote on Steemauto doesn't seem to work these days, though.

steemit passed 1,000 alexa barrier. a big news & it's getting more audience day by day. dtube is the best alternative of youtube. more people joining it per day. excellent article & very informative thing for all of steemians. @cryptoctopus

resteemed & upvoted

I wasn't surprise to hear that steemit is now one of the top 1000 site, we are just in the beginning of the journey, by the time steemit update all their plans like smart media token, community features and others, steemit will be able to get to first 500.
I will update @benswann on my steemauto like you suggest. We need to support him.

2 years ago, I would have never guessed that I would be writing about being a top 1000 websites on Alexa. It is absolutely astounding that we got to this point so quickly, with a website that is not yet brought to it's full potential.

This is a great news for all steemians.. Within the next few months we see steemit getting to 500 On the Alexa ranking, due to the incorporation of thousands of new steemians trooping in.

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There is absolutely no stopping us now, just barely into 2018 and already ranked 1000 moving at a geometrical rate, come may there is every possibilty then steemit, the steem blockchain in general will be moving up 2 * their ranked already, with the consistent signup daily, time to replace zappl with twitter, steemit to facebook and dlive to twitch we almost there.

Steem to the mars

And I say a big welcome to Ben Swann once again

It's amazing to know @benswann be informed through your quality news

This project is like a rocket about to turn its engine on!!

I would bet 2018 will the year of the massive word of mouth for steem, and 2019-2020 the years where the steem social media hubs would be as popular as reddit, facebook, and twitter.

STEEM breaking into the top 1000 around the world is an incredible feat. We are moving rapidly. Since I joined in August, the growth rate has accelerated tremendously. In fact, I am so excited about this that I am starting to design a path to where I can be a full time Steemian.

Many get upset when they see the token price dropping. I keep writing that people need to ignore price action. In this case, it is not reflective of what is going on. There is so much development along with daily user growth that price will follow at some point. In the meantime, we just all need to keep contributing.

I am with you...$100 by year end would not surprise me. In fact, I will be surprised if it is not triple digits by that time. You wrote a post about $1000+ when comparing it to Google...that isnt off the reservation in my mind either.

There is so much going on here that we are going to be amazing. People just need to have a little patience. If I am not mistaken, we are not even to two years yet.

This is great news. It is going to be harder to reach the top 500, but I am certain we will get there sooner that expected. Awesome video form Ben Swann.

778 on Alexa is pretty awesome...

God bless Ben Swann! I'll upvote him every time!

yes there goes 1000 below , next below 100

ok thats it

This is really a great achievement and proud moment for all active steemians, let's push this in TOP 100 now!!

Great post and thanks for sharing. That's mind blowing that this site has grown so fast. With YouTube chasing away the small guys DTube will be close behind I'm sure.

Wow!!!!What a great news..Hip hip hurray..I just can't believe that we are in top 1000..We made highest hop in the ranking from 5000...Unbelievable but astonished with this news!! is a platform where all the people get equal opportunity to earn and move forward and also gain knowledge on crptocurrency and blockchain...I has even changed my life..This why steemit has become most popular among most of the websites...
looking at the @steempromo and promoters hatd work I am sure steemit will become most famous social crptocurrency which helps people and everyone will know about it like bitcoin.
I am glad to see @benswann on steemit...He a great expert too...Looking forward to his post and will definitely follow him from now...
thanks for sharing valuable information @cryptoctopus

thats really a fantastic news wawoow steemit is giong higher and higher mavillious!

For me steemit is like independence and there more and more people getting invole to this platform because of this reason. Its one of the best thinng that 21 centery can offer, uniquely steemit has a great future

Steemit has really been made known to alot of people in the past few months.most especially the asian community who are well known for their massive population. Even in the utopian community, alot of visibility posts have been posted and approved. People are really evangelising about steemit. Steemit is growing, no doubt

Thats great news that is in top 1000 websites from 5000 which is a great jump and a miracles. But there is no doubt why it is in the top 1000 websites, it has changed many lives and brought hope in hopeless life of people. People from all the corner are using steemit and promoting steemit as much as the can..The number of steemit user are drastically increasing.
This is all due to exrteme hardworking of our steemit expert and steemit promoter who is non stop doing conferences and webinar to spread knowledge on and Blockchain.
Thanks to @steempromo @steem-ambassador and all the valuable users of steemit..
I am sure in the future is going to taste new heigh and goodwill in cryptocurrency market.
It was sad that @benswann was here in steemit but he wasn't noticed but I am happy now he is there and we are going to give full support and up vote to his post not only him all the new expert who can make difference in our steemit family.
Thanks for making us aware of incidents and happy news! @cryptoctopus

Wow. I'm happy we are getting there. To climb to first 1000 is not a joke, Kudos to great great steemians like you @cryptoctopus who keep working day and night to promote and improve steemit. Though it's more difficult to attain the first 500, I think it will not be that hard if we all play our role to achieve it.
Thanks for this info

Great news on the rankings. Can't remember where i saw it first earlier but I know my elation is yet to die down. The steem blockchain is going places, and even though steemit won't be the only tool that gets us there, it is a very very important piece of the puzzle. With the other frontends and backends and beautiful applications I won't be surprised when others are getting dumbfounded by the success of steem and steemit.

Good job on reaching to Ben Swann, saw your resteem of his post the other day and I also noticed earlier he was making < $1. I hope we can all encourage him to stay. We need more people like that to make steem grow!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It is true that Steemit has done tremendous progress.Hopefully it will reach high because it is based on very good technology.maybe not tomorrow morning but eventually it will

Just an observation:What about those who dont have enough SP?
Aren't they doomed to be unnoticed?
Btw your efforts are amazing.Keep up

I didn't know Ben Swann before Dash started funding his project (I'm part of the Dash community, so that's how I heard about it), but it's super exciting and an important step to decentralize media and promote truth over more fake news.

Happy to see he's here now, this will help him bring in even more funds - I'm sure many people will follow him. I'll hit that follow button right after I finish my comment here.

And kudos to you for inspiring him to try out Steemit/Dtube again!

Numbers don't lie. When it comes to the popularity and overall value of your business, it's important to have a solid Alexa Ranking

Alright. I just followed @benswann.

Keep informing and working wonders here @cryptoctopus

Yes... has grown!

Wow. Its something to be happy about.

Could remember this time last year and where we were and attaining 778 on Alexa is a great feat.


We'll get there...

Interesting thoughts and conclusions!
Yes it is sure the more steemit becomes known to people more popularity it gains because it self-employs everyone. I think this year of 2018 this steemit will gain more than million is really cool here ,you post about what you like and people with same interest keep in touch with you ....a persons gets a lot of knowledge.. and not only, many more and little by little make fun in the views and comments, which is pleasant for everyone))

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Now steemit started attract celebreties from the top. Lets make a list: Ben Swann, Grant Cardone, HogeTwins, The Dollar Vigilante, furiouspete ...

Please use your steem power to invite more of them to join!

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Thank You! ⚜

great news for all steemines.

Very informative Keep informing and working wonders here

It's a great news though Sir @cryptoctopus, that means that we are doing great and making it big. I am looking on ward and hoping that it will do more good to us all steemians.

It is one of the best news ever we heard for us steemit family...No only you even we have not thought that we would get chance to listen this great news of getting our in top 1000 websites...
This is the result of hardworking of our steemit team and group of experts who is continiously putting their full effort to promote steemit everywhere.
I heartly thanks @promosteem and steem - ambassador @crptoctopus and all the experts.
Our steemit deserve this postion and I am sure one day it will come top 100 postion in the future as our family is increasing daily. steemit is changing people's life by giving them opportunity to earn and improve their lives by the support of various curation project to new steemit to feel goog and visible which I have never seen anywhere esle.
Thanks to @benswann amking our steemit more famous.

Steemit is a social media plus a place where we can earn.its not a place where you get paid like as in salary but you get rewarded because of which its gain insane amount of popularity in terms of fight against slavery and poverty. Steemit is changing everyones life one way or another and its a cause for spreading like a wildfire. I also never thought that getting rewarded on the internet would be soo easy and blockchain has made it possible. The government and local agencies are going nuts over it. Steemit is creating opportunities for countless directly or indirectly for eg a person gets rewarded here and he spends on a cloth then the shopkeeper is getting rewarded too. The limits and possibilities here are insane.thanks for your hard work and sharing this.

This is my first comment on your post. :)

This is definitely good news
Thank you @cryptoctopus

oh that's great Ben swann on Dtube that will be a great step taken by you, now we get to know something special and of course the updates regarding, steemit gonna rock...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemit will continue to lead the path while others follow. Being among the top 1000 websites in Alexa is just the beginning. I visualize a time when we as a community will project Steemit to not only among the first 100 websites but all the way to position one. It is not impossible. If we dream it, then we can achieve it. Millions in the world are accepting this platform with open arms and I am very optimistic that the figures of new sign ups will continue shooting up higher and higher and higher.

Thanks for this update @cryptoctopus

steemit es el futuro de las redes sociales del tercer mundo, sobrepasara lo que hayamos visto.


Very informative, really steemit has reached the stars in the past years, one can easily share anything, A best platform for anything

I never knew about @benswann until now. And i find him very interesting about watching this video. And i also strongly believe in the future of Dash.
Personally, I am not too suprised seeing and the steemit blockchain make so much achievement in such a short space of time. In few years to come, i believe steemit will surpass facebook and other social networks. But, i can't deny the fact that we still have a long way to go and there's still soo much work to be done.
Thank you @cryptoctopus for the update and for also introducing @benswann to us.

It will hopefully continue the exponential rise..
Steemit is the future of social media platforms and deserves to outrun others.
But that will definitely take time...
Step by step :)

Really steem blockchain is growing up in the highest level . Day by day its popularity is admirable for us. As a steemian really impressed reading your post. This post also inspiration for us. Your advice really helpful for us . Thank you very much for sharing video and post with us.

Still new to this, been trying all except utopian. How does that work?

Wow thats great news now tell every one that invest in steem

This is great....
I'm proud to be on this platform. And we r looking forward to it getting to the top 100, then top 10....

Cheers to a bright future with steemit

I'm gonna go check out his post now and start following. I've noticed a couple of other independent journalists have quit youtube or the former platform of their choice for steemit and are kind of struggling to get recognition as you mentioned.

Hopefully we as a community can change that since this is part of what will bring more people to the platform in the future.

Thank you steemit good jop

Ya steemit! Good jop!

Congrats....sir it's all your hard work

Long live is one of my favorite blog site....

Steemit is growing very fast, with users from various countries making the most searches of its steemit, and directly ranking in alexa rank, may continue to grow and can prosper its users ..

Well, the only regret I had about steemit is not knowing about it earlier than I do. But I will ensure nobody around me Kake that mistake again. This year, their is every tendency for steemit users to double .

It's inspiring to keep on doing what you love despite some drop in the value of coins. Just look at the big picture. This platform is growing as vast as the universe.
Thank you for sharing this with us!
Keep up the good work!

Learn how good every day we strengthen more valuable information! Thank you!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I consider myself as an average Joe and there is about over 80% of average Joes in the world. The reason I’m mentioning this is that after few days using steemit I just fell in love with this site. It has so much opportunities, it is so motivational that the only reason why is not on top 100 or top 10 is that people just don’t know about it, but it’s changing and it’s changing rapidly. If any of my friends or family ask me about steemit I would tell them what I feel. I would tell them that steemit is a sanctuary of free thought and real life. A place where you can just blog about what you have going on in life and complete strangers wish you well and root you on. You can talk about things that are important to you and others from around the world can comment and share experiences. Steemit is a destination for journeyers and travelers just like you @cryptoctopus occasionally. It’s about people that explore around the world. We like to read about new things and different perspectives that we can't get from the news or from other social media.
Yes you can receive free cryptocurrency for participating at Steemit, and that is what brings a lot of people to the site. That is what decentralized and soo motivational site love oks like. Steemit offers freedom. Freedom to express yourself and an investment into possible economic freedom. You won't get rich posting on Steemit, but you can make a nice little bonus in crypto each month if you stick with it. It's not easy, but then again, it doesn't seem like work if you love being here. It is just a bonus. The community is the reason this site will grow not only on but everywhere all over the world. As of now I will only be following @benswann, mainly because my Steem power is close to zero. If I like his d-tube video I will write a nice coment and Resteeme his post. Thank you for mentioning it’s very informative and I’m anxious to check this out once in a while.

Looking at that growth curve it shouldn't be long until dTube makes the top 1,000 sites as well.

It's easier to encentivize your favorite content creators to join or when you have enough Steem Power to make it worth their while OR know people who have enough SP.

This is so true. There are some top Artists I'll want to join the steem blockchain, but my SP cannot really help them. I guess I have to find more whales to help out.

Steem is making a fast progress and that's good news to all of us. Thanks for sharing this @cryptoctopus

Steemit has really been made known to alot of people in the past few months.most especially the asian community who are well known for their massive population. Even in the utopian community, alot of visibility posts have been posted and approved. People are really evangelising about steemit. Steemit is growing, no doubt

Well Explained @cryptoctopus.

Yeah, Hopefully That day is not so far when Steem blockchain will be in the 100 Websites because nobody knows what will happen to the steem blockchain after the launch of SMTs in this year. There is the possibility that Steem blockchain will be reaching out for more success after SMTs and There is also the possibility that there will be more innovative product will occur on the Steem blockchain.

Good to see the Success of Steemit, Dtube, busy, utopian-io and other products based on the Steem blockchain.

I like that you supported Ben Swann, Obviously Steem blockchain is helping people to share their views, but you earned so much respect from me that you helped him. You took your first step, I will also follow and support Ben Swann, but my support doesn't worth a lot because I'm a beginner here, Still It's better to do something instead of nothing.

Thanks for the great post.

This is big! I can imagine a time when there are multiple STEEM blockchain websites in the top 1000. That's still a hell of a long way off but things are moving in the right direction.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the discussion and suggestions.
To the future and to community communication! Grow, Steem, grow.

Thank God and all STEEMIANS promoting steemit had brought us this far, let's keep the promotion running and also give kudos to what the #promo-steem team are doing...

Welcome to @benswann.

steem to the moon

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

This is huge progress, top 500 before the year runs out

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Well iam so happy right now because Steemit is not started to working with it's full potential but still it reached at number 1000 in Alexa ranking that's a great milestone and also an indicator for those who don't believe in the power of Steemit platform,

And iam really happy that @benswann is finally on Steemit and started using Dtube, it's really interesting to see influencing people using steem Blockchain and it's really revolutionary move for Steemit.

And you are right that if we have enough steempower then we can encentivize our favourite content creators that's why iam currently trying to gain as much steempower as I can because it's really the biggest Power that we have.

All the best v nice your post ,i like it , followd u

Great news!!!
Unintentionally, dtube is bringing people to Steemit.
Video editors, comic and short video artists needs Steemit too...
Hoping Steemit hits top 500 in Alexa ranking soon

Give it some time. Steemit will climb slowly to the top 100 websites most visited. It can even compete with the social media giant. After spending most of my time blogging in Steemit, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem dull.

Nice post and thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus

wow very excellent video post

charming & great!

It is clear that Steemit is using this application a lot, increasing its popularity and the best is yet to come, every day many are still adding in this great platform and its excellent components. welcome and full support to diaro a @ benswann, confirmed steemit, changes lives and is one of the best platforms of the XXI century with a constant growth.

This post reiterates what you've been saying for awhile: this is still the beginning for Steem. It's great to be a part of it at the relative outset. And it's also awesome to see the power of the platform to attract content creators.

i think you are right,,,i am agree with you sir,,thanks for sharing

nice your video post

thats great to read that com in top 1000 websites in alexa rating and its true the steem blockhain is always best we are not find any other blockcchain like steem and i really love and think better investment in steem if see the projects of steem as you mention dtube , , dlive and all other which are not having any other blockchain so i always preffer to stick with steem and i also appriciate to all them who are working on promo acitivities and now its really good news to hear about ben swan and more good thing that you invited him and now we can watch him and his videos on dtube
good job @cryptoctopus

great analysis ,,i think you ate right,,thanks for sharing

That is a very good news for steemit. Being a top 1000 website in Alexa shows that it is rapidly growing in terms of traffic and a lot of new users are adopting steem.Thanks for the great share friend, wish you a very beautiful time ahead.

Going to be following @benswann as well as you for continued updates.
This article is well worth resteeming and let everyone know what so many have said, why aren’t you on steem yet?
This steemit platform is poised to become so much bigger and the community will grown extremely rapidly very quickly.

hello my old friend did not meet me steemit always a little who follow, how the secret for my steemit forward. please help friend

Awesome video and graph report. Good to see that steemit is improving his energy. respect your activities

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post.

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Thank You! ⚜

Very cool to see this happening.

Steemit is the fastest growing blockchain, steemit have enable ecosystem to thrives, am optimistic it grow more because it's acommodate professionalism and act as investment instruments.