The onward march towards success: Steemit In Nigeria updates and donation post

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This is a 100% donation post, all donations should go to the @leadent360 account. Thank you


A dream remains a dream only if we refuse to act on it. Those words drive me towards success daily when I get up from bed.
The Steemit In Nigeria (S.I.N.), popularly called SIN as steemians prefer it, is a vision to hold the Nigerian and African market for Steem/it.

Starting as far back as May in a post I made, the realization for the need for mass adoption of steem/it, made it imperative to share this miracle with everyone.
As @stellabelle said in one of her recent posts, the miracle of this platform is that you can send steem to anyone, anywhere in the world in just three seconds without a transaction fee.

If that is not a miracle worth sharing, I don't know what is.
When courier services and other transfer media launched, they all had transaction fees, but steem/it, made us realize the value of connectivity without expecting a return for it.
The miracle is not the timing (although that is also cool), but the ability to show love to others without worrying about the extra costs incurred.

A lot of people asked why S.I.N. was chosen when it implies negativity. I am a person who turns a rainy day into a warm sunshine, the idea was to bring something good out of something bad.
Imagine a scenario where if you think about the word "sin" it won't be the bad deeds that comes to mind, steemit comes to mind. It is a way where we can change a negative situation into a life changing situation.

Our goals (the mission and vision)

Earlier on, we clearly stated the mission and vision as:

A decentralized Nigeria which speaks the steemit language using the steem tongue. A future where in population of over 100 million people, steemit/steem will be a 1 in 3 Nigerian thing before two years and a 1 in 2 Nigerian thing before three years.
A future where instead of @gavvet's analysis to say "one of the fastest growing regions, it will say the fastest growing region."
Eradicating, crime and poverty through the proceeds from their decent earning from steemit and possibly in the nearest future, a steem ATM card for Nigerians. Imagine not having the need to convert to bitcoin before you can spend, imagine a future where other cryptos have to be converted to steem before they can be useful, that is my vision.

Taking it further...

In the first donation post, we went further by saying:
This project aims at increasing the steemit population tremendously, monopolizing the steem and steemit market in Nigeria, and Africa in the nearest future.
It also targets giving the steem market a major boost and at the same time, providing a means of sustainable living for thousand of Nigerians, who are either unemployed, or wish to live their dreams.
The final aim is to encourage investors and partnership with possible/prospective investors on the long run.

So what have we done so far

We have secured the venues for the event, as @ehiboss, @destinysaid and @gbenga went to take care of that yesterday. The hotel booking will be available within the next three-five days.
The venue in use remains Cameron hotel and Conference center O.A.U.
Here is my favorite shot of the hotel...the pool


I and @gloglo went to the National Television Authority Ile-Ife two weeks back to have the event covered and broadcasted to millions of viewers to help boost the success of the event and steem/it in general.


So I was a bit distracted a little bit in this picture.


Yay I finally looked at the camera.

@royalfinest was so kind as to make a new design for us, turns out he's a good designer, contact him for more information.


We have acquired our guest speakers for the event and they are pumped. We are also trying to get guests from steemit that will do a live session with us.

Why the community is not wasting it's money

Going back to this post, the points listed were:
The event aims at creating blogging employment for millions of Nigerians through steemit and allowing the exponential growth of the community.

An internet usage in a country like Nigeria will definitely put in the top 100 sites in the shortest possible time.
A good and active user base could be a major boost on the direction of $3-4 to 1 steem before this year runs out.
A facebook and youtube like community which pays you for your words becomes possible numerically with this event
The event also aims at fostering healthy interaction among people, and a chance to show creativity in various walks of life.

Desired outcome/ what to expect

I will refer us to a former post...
The desired outcome is for Nigeria and the Nigerian market to be a key player in the development of steem and steemit. To have at least 400-500 new registrations in the first few hours of the event and 1,000-2,000 in one week of the programme. By the end of January, to boast of 100,000-250,000 new Nigerians as a result of the Steemit In Nigeria conferance and party. The target is 1 million new registrations before the end of 2018.
Also there will be the presence of heavy security, proper marketing, preparatory sessions, mock events by the team to prepare for the event and new recruits will be properly groomed on the basics of the dos and don't before being registered, booths for sign up for new members will be provided etc

Like I said, a steemy future for all

Cost of the event appeal for donations

An amazing programme like this requires fund to become a success, the total budget needed is around $3,500 and donations should go to the @leadent360 account on steemit which is the official account used in the monetary collection.
Nothing is too small to donate towards the success of the event and your full upvotes and resteems are also welcome on this post and subsequent posts towards the generation of funds.

Thanks to @elyaque for the badge and @son-of-satire for the generic footer


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Thank you for your support

Wow wow wow this will be epic.
I am from Uganda and still starting Steemit.
I will have to contact you after your conference so that i can replicate the same here in Uganda.


I will be expecting your message anytime

This is so good. Steem/it gospel is a message every Nigerian should hear. I see the event being a success already.

Kudo @Ehiboss and the rest of the team.


That is the aim, to spread that gospel.

Wow! It's such a great project. And i Will like to be part of it.Just followed You, do follow back. I joined steemit not while ago. You can check out my introduction post. Please you can also add me to your group so I can follow through.


You can attend the life changing event

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We won't want you to miss it

I admire your courage and determination, I can see this event coming out to be a big success. though I can't make it physical because of the distance, but my heart is with you. Good job guys.


Anything can happen...

Nice one boss, the Steemit gospel will be heard in all ends of the earth. The steemvangelism is moving


It will be heard by all

Great program indeed....keep it up

I've always been a proponent of "Team work" and you've shown excellent team spirit towards this course. More grace to you bro.
God bless S.I.N

Good job you and your team are doing. I commend you @ehiboss.

nice job
you collected 100$ in 3 days , which means you will reach your destination in 2-4 months
enough time for you to convince more people in steemit

i like your i idea and even shared something about it in another post ,Africa will surely be a better place to live and work and develop when impelemnting the crypto HUGE potential that is already beniefeting other develpoing countries around the world
you just started the one step of the 1000 mile , CONTINUE ...WE SUPPORT YOU

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