Growing in the Immunity Zone

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We breathe the same air as those who consider love to possessed slavery and who think that the woman has every right. Moreover, these people, including children, including his own wife and child; They claim that every woman he sees has every right, regardless of whether he has a wife or children. We live with the people who express the lovelessness of the physical and psychological violence that the people who have grown up in this way have never read or studied, even when they say that they love.


We are in a generation within a period of time that we cannot distinguish between the reading of our men who grew up in a zone of immunity.

Without knowing that love is a sublime feeling, without real love, without knowing what unconditional love, when really loved, we are breathing under the same sky with the love of the woman who loves himself, who loves himself, who doesn't believe in the purity of his love, under the same sky as the men who always look for an interest.


Under these conditions, neither our men nor our daughters could not teach to love to be loved, to express their feelings. So our women had to love them alone and secretly. As if they have to live all by themselves, in themselves. They have their hearts unconditionally in their hands, whether they have families, friends or lovers. Therefore, the most severe bill of separation has always been cut to our women.

We couldn't learn to love, or be able to leave

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