Men’s Grooming Habits (Infographic)

in #grooming7 years ago

Just stumbled upon this infographic and it doesn't surprise me actually. Long gone are the times when men don't care about how they look, but the problem is that we might start taking care of ourselves too much...


What does it all mean?

What it means is us guys started loving ourselves more and taking care of our grooming, this makes me very happy because looking good in your skin always makes you feel more confident and just better overall as a man. But please guys! Don’t over do it and remember that we just need a little bit of that confidence boost and we’re go to go and take over the world!

-Classy Dapper


it's about personality not how he looks but grooming is important but in the manly side cause there's some gay issues around , well as a man being so smart is how all life goes :)

Very Informative, I've been taking grooming very serious this past month, so this post helps a lot thank you.

As anyone can see by my Avatar pic...I am @egregorian. A man, dapper, bearded, long curly locks, blue ocean eyes and eyelashes to make even the most prudish of us all blush. I take care of my skin, and body/mind/spirit. Fashion in my sense, is what I feel GREAT in! That is what most people feel insecure in. I am me, My clothes are me. I like your style @classydapper. Keep it up...these Menboys need to know how to feel great and shed their skin so to speak. AYE!

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