How Big Basket Works and How to Create a Grocery Website Like Big Basket

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Are you planning to start an online grocery shop? Starting some online store has become easier nowadays. The only difficult thing is grabbing more customers to buy things from your website and keeping them coming back in the future. The online food and grocery market are known to be the sixth-largest worldwide.

Couldn’t believe your eyes? Food and grocery in India placed as sixth globally?

Have a look at some of the numbers to have a clear idea of how successful these online grocery stores are in the market.

According to a survey, the online food and grocery market alone is roughly estimated to be around $600 million in India. It is expected to touch $5billion in 2022.

If you are really interested in creating your grocery ecommerce platform, you should confident enough to survive in the world of competition.

Do you know?

Bigbasket consists of more than 18000 products under 1000 plus popular brands.

Currently, Bigbasket is the largest online store in the grocery market because they stock a high standard of goods in a low price range.

Find How Big Basket Business Model Works:

The big basket works on two models like inventory-led and hyper-local delivery. So are you wondering what are this model is all about? Let us discuss it here.

grocery-business-model (2).png

Some sources say that the big basket works based on the inventory model.

Bigbasket buys the products from the leading suppliers in the market such as P&G, HUL, farmers, mills, etc. They store those products in their own warehouse or go-downs, which is called the inventories. From there, they serve their customers.

They buy the products from the manufacturers for all the preserved products. For the unpreserved products, they connect with the suppliers and local farmers.

Some sources claim that the big basket works on hyper-local delivery.

In this type of delivery model, big basket ties up with some of the grocery stores across the country. Once they get an order form the customer, they deliver the products to their customers within one hour of the order from the local grocery shop.

Bigbasket works based on the multi-vendor model.

Big baskets business team:

Big baskets service is to deliver a wide range of food and groceries to the end customers. There are three critical parts of the team.

  • A Sourcing team that collects together and manages all range of short life perishables, chilled and frozen products and also the long shelf life products in the market.
  • A technology team that facilitates the working of both the back end and front end customer product- where customers place the order(via the app or through the website).
  • The operation team which manages the warehouses to store the products and the delivery to the end customers (of over 55000 orders in a day).

How Bigbasket has become successful?

Bigbasket is currently present in over 25 cities in India. They are focussing on deeper penetration of their reach across the country.

They are being successful among the people for these reasons.

  • Their model of outsourcing the fresh produce makes them the major differentiator among others.
  • Presently, they have a network of more than 5000 farmers to sell their daily produce to them.
  • Their business model with an excellent technology-enabled process which has to lead to fabulous efficiencies in cost and also accurate execution makes them different from others.
  • Big baskets customer-facing metrics are proven to be the best in world class because of the following percentiles.
    • 99% on-time delivery of the products to the customers.
    • 98%fill rate
    • very less than 1% return
    • 95% first call issue resolution.

They have reached the revenue of 1800 crores from just 30 crores within five years and they say that they are just getting started!

Out of this 1800 crores, fruits and vegetables contribute to 18%, 15% is contributed by Big baskets staples, 20% by branded staples, 45% by FMCG.

Technology Stack of Big basket:

Client-side programming languageJavascript
Markup languageHTML5
Character encodingUTF-8
Format of Image filesPNG, JPEG
Site elementsExternal CSS, Embedded CSS, Inline CSS, Cookies expiring in days, months and years, HttpOnly Cookies, Non-HttpOnly Cookies, Non-Secure Cookies, Gzip Compression, default protocol https
Structured data formatJSON-LD
SSL certificate authoritySectigo
Traffic Analysis toolsGoogle Analytics, Snowplow
Advertising NetworksGoogle Ads
Tag managerGoogle Tag Manager
Web serverNginx
Web hosting providerAmazon
Reverse proxy serviceAkamai
Top level
Server locationsUnited States, India, Netherlands

How to Build a Big Basket like a website

Grocery apps and websites had taken control of the retail food and grocery market in the past decade. With the revolution of various on-demand apps, the food and grocery apps like the big basket are replacing the retail stores. However, in order to develop a website or an app for your food and grocery store, you need to include some of the essential features in your app to make it more appealing for your customers and successful. I will list the essential features for building a big basket like grocery app/Website.

1. Simple design:
For any mobile app/ Website, design simplicity is the major feature which is to be taken care of. Since food and grocery are the main need of any person, avoid all the complexities and make it very simple for all the users.

2. Easy Navigation:
Navigation across the app/website should be easy to make your customers facing zero confusion in your website. The customers must be able to navigate across one section of the app/website to others without much difficulty.

3. Unlimited products and categories:
Since there are umpteen amount of groceries available in the market, you should design your app/website in such a way that you can be able to add n number of products under different categories. With a number of variants and qualities, a good online grocery store should have at least 1000 SKUs.

4. Delivery scheduling:
Customers do expect their orders to be shipped to a home free of cost and within less time.

According to one of the Accenture's report, 60% of the consumers are willing to pay an extra charge for the same day delivery.

So, make your customers satisfied by scheduling their preferred delivery time.

5. Outstanding service at a budget-friendly price:
To develop your business to the next level, you should offer high-quality products at a low price. Make sure you offer exemplary customer service to your users.

6. Multi-language support:
To attract your customers across the country, build the website which speaks to the customers in their language. Having their own language on the website makes the customers easy while shopping and you can grab more such potential customers to your store.

7. Multiple Payment support:
In today's world, apart from credit card, debit card, and internet banking, there are more to the online payment options like paytm, Amazon pay, etc. So, integrate as many payment options for the consumers to shop with you.

8. Easy Checkout:
Placing the order for the customers should be made easy and simple. One page checkout should be provided for your users so that they shop hassle-free and save their precious time.

Starting an online grocery shop like a big basket:

Let me give you a few tips to begin the big basket like food and grocery website.

  • Identify your target audience
  • After identifying your location and target audience, now you need a warehouse to store the products which you are going to sell your customers.
  • Register your business
  • Set up the delivery system for your online grocery shop
  • Start an online grocery website or an app with the features listed above
  • Make the best marketing plan for your grocery store

Zielcommerce for building your big basket like a website:

Zielcommerce aims at developing your business. They have got a team of technical people who has a hand on in the customized online Grocery shop. In addition, they also provide you some guidance and vision to build your dream big basket like a website.

The professionals, offer you the complete training with guidelines which explains each feature of your website. They also provide you the best marketing plans for upgrading and advertising the website.

Zielcommerce provides the following for building the website like big basket

  • A perfect blend of idea and design
  • Streamlined website development and design
  • Innovative concepts and creative ecommerce website design
  • Critical testing and quality testing analysis
  • Timely delivery.

Wrapping up:

In today's fast-paced life and tiring commute, people are switching towards online shopping for all their necessities. the online food and grocery shop is no doubt to be the most convenient way of shopping for these users. So, starting your own grocery business in India, you can earn a huge ROI and become rich within a small time.

Contact us to design your big basket like the website and we will make you grow.


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