Book review - A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

in #grief3 years ago

Would you read a book even if you know from the beginning it has a sad story? I do admit I have preferences based on the mood. Yesterday I felt I was strong. Strong enough to feel the pain of another author that wrote his true story. Often true stories can be touching, but this is how life is, it isn't always in colors.......just black & white.

The writing style of the author is simply beautiful; honest, poetic and full of emotions. I could feel his love for his dear cat, Marcel, and it made me think that some humans aren't capable to feel for other human being that way. And it is really pity. I knew from the beginning that it will be an emotional, heartbreaking story, but I was impressed how the author managed to transmit also some of his thoughts and I do applaud him for the strong messages. Yes, it is a sad novella and I could feel tears in the corner of my eyes quite often. I felt lucky I never got to experience the tragic past days, months of pain, the loss of a pet, but I also felt admiration for what the author stands for. I am sure that Marcel was the happiest cat in the world. If only all the animals would face the same destiny. Or humans? We can do much more to make this world a better place. What is stopping us?


Thank you for the beautiful review, Nico! Thank you for your love! 💗

In 1987 cats overtook dogs as the number one pet in America.