Short Service Interuption Scheduled - 05:00 AM GMT+2, 2017-07-06

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Short Service Interruption Scheduled

Tomorrow at 05:00 AM GMT+2 (2017-07-06) we will have a brief interruption of service.

We are scheduled for a network interruption that will take place for ~3 Minutes, but can take up to 15 Minutes.

This will affect the current services:

  • the Gridcoinstats webpage w/ services
  • my main witness node
  • my backup witness node

This is only a network related interruption and when the network goes back online again everything will work as expected. The explorer might be a little behind during a few minutes.

My witness will briefly be put on hold during this time and activated again once the service has been restored to make sure there are no missed blocks with possible interruptions for the Steem blockchain.

Most likely this will have little to no impact for the end user.

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Resteemit to let folks know! Thank You for letting us know!

Hey man, I do you have a post or know of a good place to understand the witness thing. I have read about it a little, but still don't understand it all and fascinated with the work you and the other witnesses do. It is a whole new world for me so the closer to "Witnessing for Idiots" as you can get would be great. lol

Also I really appreciate the ongoing support on my posts. I wanted to return the favor.

The planned maintenance was executed without any major issues and everything is back to normal operation.