Quick Update: Gridcoinsats of-chain issues

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New Release of Gridcoin Reseach Wallet - Mandatory

Yesterday we had a mandatory update of the Gridcoin Research wallet, version
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I've had several issues with all my three nodes forking recently, and this morning was no exception. The full reason to why this is happening is still not something I know, but I've submitted most of my debug logs to the developers to look at them. And I will continue to do so.

Forks are not uncommon on a Proof-of-Stake chain, but should be relatively easy to recover from. It shouldn't be like this, and it hasn't been before.

Updated to

The nodes are as of today updated to the latest version, even though I could have waited a little longer before going over. But since they where all forking, I couldn't see a reason not to update at the same time.

However, I've had no luck with the forks today and the wallets are still out of sync with the rest of the network.

As I'm heading out today I will not be able to look at this until I get back home again, and can take a closer look at the nodes. If they do not recover until then, the block explorer will remain on a fork.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Thanks for the updated. I thought it looked like my wallet was on a fork last night so good to know I'm not the only one seeing issues.

Thanks for the information Yah champion I love you