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10 days ago
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Support us with your own ads

We're trying out a new advertisement platform called Project Wonderful. It's based on a fixed bid rate and you pay for the amount of time rather than clicks or views. The price is always the lowest for you as an advertiser.

Currently I've added the right skyscraper box to be for this type of ads.

Advertise for free

Current rate is $0 since there are no bidders, so get your ads on our page for free today!

If this system works good I might consider adding more of these to the page.

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  ·  8 days ago

What about using HubDSP instead? It's by the CCEDK (openledger) guys, so it could help build bridges for Gridcoin?

  ·  8 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion, you find something new every day :) I will definitely look into this when I get the time for it.

Looking at this now, and I can't figure out how to be a publisher on their platform. It only looks like they are buying ad-space on other markets.

When making a new Ad on their page (for advertising) you get this:

Selected exchanges (4):
ADX exchange | 1.00
Epom Exchange | 1.00
Gothamads exchange | 1.00
VertaMedia | 1.00