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Hello fellow Gridcoiners!

Today I've pushed out a massive update to the webpage. This update has been in progress for 2 months and I'm proud to finally be able to push it out.

So, what have we done since the last page was released?

Fancy Addresses

The addresses for all the pages have been updated to be more user friendly. You now have /cpid/your-cpid or /address/your-address. A block can be loaded with /block/hash and a tx can be loaded with /tx/hash. To show a block with a specific transaction open by default you just use /block/0/tx-hash and it will find the correct block for you! Pretty hand right? :)

A search!

Yes, I've finally made a search box! Just type whatever you're searching for and we will try to find it. Works with Block Hash or ID/Height, Transaction Hash, Username, Wallet Address, CPID, Poll title and Project name.

Nicer graphs

Everyone loves graphs, so with this release they are much prettier and contains more data.

Go explore what you can find, you'll like them.

Architecture performance per project

This took significant effort to complete, but you can now see an average performance on each project. This data is compiled by looking for hosts running the same architecture and we present those that has performed the best and has reported back the last week. Since this data is based on actual hosts you need to understand that we have no way of knowing how much work one host runs for the selected project, and the data may be underestimated, but it will give a nice guideline!

Hosts Per User

If a user hasn't hidden their connection to hosts we can now also display how many hosts a user has on each project they crunch. It's not 100% reliable since users can hide their connection to hosts.

Our share of the project

We now also calculate how much we stand for on the projects. Here is our stats for SRBase today.

User Transactions with Interest and Reward details

Our previous update removed the ability to see the interest and reward details per staked block. This has now returned!

Nicer Blocks and TX Views

The view for the Blocks and TX transactions has been greatly improved and now also feature a "View Raw Data" view that can be opened by pressing the button for it.

Steemit Integration

And last, but absolutely not least, our efforts of utilizing Steemit on Gridcoin has now also made it possible to post in any tag that has the name of a project and it will be visible on the respective project page on Gridcoinstats! For example, if you post in srbase, it will be visible on Project: SRBase, and worldcommunitygrid at Project: World Community Grid. Mind the lack of spaces in the tags.

This was a quick update on what's new. Please browse the page and see what's new yourself.

Visit us at!

Please be aware that there may be some issues that I haven't spotted, so please tell me if anything looks weird, strange or just out of place.

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This is a great update. Your work at mainting and improving gridcoinstats is a nice contribution for Gridcoin.

The new feature I like the most is the architecture performance per project. I would like to be able to search for a specific CPU or GPU and see on which project that architecture gives the highest RAC.


You suggestion is noted and I will see if there is a good way to implement this in the future.

Thanks for your kind words and I do hope you enjoy your visit to the page and that you have good use of it and return frequently :)

Great work @sc-steemit, I'm continuously blown away by your rapid development of; It has become a great service in a short period of time!


And I still think it goes to slow :)
Thanks for your great support and flow of ideas for the page.


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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Hahaha, Nice update :) I just hope I'm not spamming the website with those badge posts I've made here XD


Spam on :) You will get more exposure from now on for your posts.

Those are some great updates. Really like the steemit tag integration. The guideline for performance is also a nice feature.


Thanks! I'm quite pleased with the integration and that I can help promote others that use Steemit. It's a great platform for posting and communicating updates and news items. Hope you get good use of the performance guides.

haven't heard of it.... till now!


There is always the first time for everyone :)

Welcome in my friend!

Link to the page has a typo in the hyperlink


Thanks. Fixed

The website is currently offline.


There was a typo in the address when I posted this yesterday. It has now been fixed. You can find us at


Nice man ty for fixing and great work!

Am I mistaken or is Gridcoinstats really the best and most complete block/network explorer in the whole cryptoworld? :)


I feel bias, but I would say yes :)
And there's plenty more for the future.