How to mine crypto by donating your idle computer to science - Gridcoin!

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Nonsense money

The more I dwell on the crypto space, the more I see a lot of crypto stuff that bores me to death. Some crypto projects don't do anything new, and some don't even do anything. They're perpetually "the next big thing", they can even be on the top 10 cryptocurrencies and all, but they really aren't a usable product, something useful to today's society. You can trade them, speculate on their value, but in their essence they're just useless crap.

I only invest in things I can use today and where I see value for myself. That's why I'll be posting about blockchains I use, and their reasons to use.



So today I'll talk about one coin that adds something different: Gridcoin (GRC). Actually Gridcoin is a simple proof-of-stake network, which means that if you have some GRC, you have the chance to stake it in order to validate blocks, and earn some interest as a reward. Many blockchains use proof-of-stake to validate transactions, and it's a good way to avoid using large amounts of energy to mine coins like Bitcoin.

What makes Gridcoin different? Is the way it's awarded! Gridcoin is awarded to those who prove they donated their computational power to the science via the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). This means that instead of earning coins by using lots of energy to solve a stupid math problem with the sole purpose of selecting who has the right to validate transactions (i.e. Bitcoin), you'll be getting coins by using that energy (=computational power) to a noble cause such as the cure for zika or cancer, helping the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in it's calculations, or solving complex math calculations just for the sake of maths.

You can earn GRC by using BOINC to donate to IBM's World Community Grid

How do I do that?

Gridcoin "mining" works in multiple devices (even on your phone!) and you can configure it to only run when it's charging, or when it's idle, and adjust the amount of power you want to donate. The easiest way to configure the donation/mining process is mining in a pool (there's currently only one pool: If you have a powerful computer mining 24h/day, you'll prefer to go solo! Since most people won't be mining 24h/day, I'll teach how to pool mine on your computer.

  1. First of all you need to install BOINC here. Install it, open and leave it open while you create a grcpool account.

  2. Now go to and click on "sign up". You'll be asked to fill a form. Do it and log in. Easy.

  3. Go back to the BOINC window and under "view" select "advanced view". Then, under "options" select "use account manager". You'll be prompted this screen.

Sem nome.png

Under "account manager URL" write You'll be asked to login, do it!

4 . Go back to the grcpool website and you'll notice your computer now shows under "hosts". Click on it and you'll find the details of your computer/android device.

Captura de ecrã 2018-06-16, às 23.37.16.png

5 . You can now select a project to donate to! I won't be recommending any in particular because that's a whole other post. My choices are very "emotive": I favor diseases research so most of my little computacional power is on World Community Grid. But I also help SETI and LHC. If you want to make a lot of coins, I advise you to make a little research on your own since some projects award more than others.

6 . And that's it! You should also explore a bit on your own, get involved on what's the mission of each project, tweak your settings to suit your needs, and setting up a wallet (I use coinomi wallet) to collect your GRC coins! They aren't worth much but hey... You're doing the right thing!


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Maybe you could add a Gridcoin donation address to your São Tomé project.


That is actually a very good idea! Here it is: Rzs1NF5s6Cwq4LE6mqLqqC4J5t5b7g8rcn

Thank you!


Will the donation collection part of this project be going on for a while? If so, I can ask @delta1512 to add this address to his donate list in his discord tip bot.


Hi! This fundraising will be happening until the 30th June :) But there are already ideas for another charity projects after that! I invite you to keep alert for the #dailycharity tag since everything will be happening under that tag from now on!

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Uso o Gridcoin graças a ti, desde que me falaste desse projeto aqui à tempos :D Ganhar e ainda ajudar a ciencia... WIN WIN :D


É excelente!

Adorei a ideia, realmente sempre me pareceu um pouco sem propósito o gasto de energia com mineração da maior parte das moedas... Já separei os links aqui e devo me registrar pra minerar e ajudar a ciência! :)

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil


Numa altura em que temos um problema energético a nível mundial, parece estúpido usarmos grandes quantidades dela para minar uma moeda "livre"... Pois a Gridcoin incentiva!

It looks really great. I am always struggling with myself about crypto and those some thoughts. For sure I'll check it out and maybe start mining for GRC now on. Thank you so much for thar post. Resteeming right away.

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil


Thank you!

Gridcoin is a coin with a unique and noble cause, not to mention an awesome community. There also are others worth a look as well but to me gridcoin is the best available right now, and the integration with BOINC makes everything easy and gives so many options. Thank you for this post and promoting GRC!

Legal @zpedro, vou pesquisar mais sobre o projeto. Gostei da ideia desta séries de posts. Parabéns!

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil