Thanks, much appreciated :)

What platform do you use to buy GRC? I tried OpenLedger yesterday and was very surprised at the requirement to buy BTS to pay for the fees. Ended up using Bittrex instead. I probably won't use OpenLedger again unless it's to sell off some GRC since I noticed the exchange rates there were better for doing so.

Openledger runs on the bitshares platform and fees for that is BTS, nothing weird with that.

Only issue we have today is that the volume isn't that large. Poloniex still dominates that, but they have their own issues as well, not to mention they are centralized.

Took me quite a while to figure out that I have to buy it in a separate transaction, rather than just pay for the equivalent in whatever currency I'm trading in. More than just inconvenient, it makes it slightly harder to figure out how much I'm paying in fees. Bittrex at least says that it has 0.25% commissions on exchanges and how much I'm paying for withdrawals directly.

I was looking around a little and it is possible to buy GRC on the BitShares market and pay the fees with a different currency than BTS, but only with GRC.

Under the field for the Fee on the purchase or sale order you can switch BTS for GRC.

I know this doesn't solve your initial issue with buying the GRC in the first place without any BTS, but you can now after your first purchase pay the fees in GRC.

Fee Pool

How it works is that the Issuer of an asset has a fee pool that pays the fees for you at a current exchange rate equal to that in BTS. This is up to the issuer to have.


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