Gridcoin banner premiering on Free-DC!

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Free-DC is the second most popular website for BOINC statistics, right behind BOINCstats. Many BOINC enthusiasts are visiting Free-DC every day, to check their BOINC credits and overall rankings. I know, because I often visit it myself, especially when checking if someone is getting close to my undisputed #1 position in Croatia (it isn't, I just checked it).

Well, from today, all those numerous BOINC enthusiasts will have a chance to click our catchy banner there, to be taken right to We've never had an ad on Free-DC before, so this is surely an important milestone for Gridcoin!

There it is, right on top!

Also, I must add, Free-DC admin has been really helpful and has tweaked the ad for us until it became undetectable by AdBlocker. That's very important for this advertising campaign - BOINC users are tech-savvy and the vast majority of them use AdBlocker. Now, they will get a chance to see our banner too. That's the biggest advantage of such direct advertising deals - it's impossible to avoid AdBlocker when deploying ads through Google (but it's expensive nevertheless).

Free-DC will carry our banner for 30 days, for a price of €450 (paid via PayPal). I'll stay in contact with Free-DC admin, to ensure that our ad remains undetected by AdBlocker and to send him a new banner every week. Visitors are demanding, they get bored quickly with the same imagery and then, there is no impulse to click the banner...


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Thanks for organising @vortac!

I just checked Free-DC and the banner nicely bypasses my adblocker as well... :-)

thanks for using the steem blockchain to post your story
You got a small upvote from me, I hope it will help you and the whole community to thrive.

Up to now, I had no clue that you are from Croatia! And I did not know about Free-DC! :) I was always using, as I have my computers configured with !BAM. Will have a look on it... Thanks!

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