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Few weeks ago, it was suggested on cryptocointalk that we should focus our AdWords advertising efforts on crypto-related websites (like coinmarketcap, eobot, themerkle etc.) to attract more crypto-enthusiasts and potential investors. Well, since last Saturday (March 04) we are spending our entire AdWords budget (10 USD per day) solely on crypto-related websites, so it's time to present some findings & statistics:

We collected +1000 clicks at a cost of 6 cents per click, that's not bad. But the bounce rate is quite high: 83.22%. I guess that's not entirely surprising, we probably need a flashier website at in order to attract more general crypto users. BOINC crunchers (our main user base) are used to non flashy web designs, but crypto folks are certainly much more demanding - there are a lot of coins out there, competition is tough and every bit of design helps. 

Typical BOINC website (MilkyWay@home).  I guess we are used to it, but it certainly looks bland. Well, people who are into science and volunteer computing can look past bland designs, but we can't count on the same with crypto users.

Experimenting further, today I decided to focus our efforts on  (Counterparty Block Explorer website, they rely on AdWords for advertising, just like we do on Some surprising results:

Today's Top 5 targeted websites, sorted by cost. We spent 5.09 USD for advertising on and achieved click-through-rate of 9.28%. Almost every tenth visitor clicked our ad there, that's a very high number by all standards. Hope they don't have some kind of ad-click bot there :)

Counterparty Block Explorer website with Gridcoin ad :)   I am going to replace that unsightly font with the font used on our logo, just like on this ad:


Curiously, the price of Gridcoin increased today, with daily volume larger than usual. The price started to increase almost exactly after midnight i.e. as soon as ads on blockscan went live (new 10 USD became 'active' - that's our daily budget for AdWords and it gets replenished every midnight, Central European Time). Maybe they all rushed to buy some? :)


Poloniex screenshot. The price increased about 10% just after midnight and then slowly declined during the day.

Well, is next. Stay tuned :)

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What about advertising on reddit? I saw a post on /r/btc that claimed it only cost $0.02 per click.


Apparently, Reddit doesn't support AdWords, we would have to use their own engine and that's an inconvenience (new expense, new vote, new pecularities etc). Anyway, we have tried it twice so far, if I remember correctly. Both times cost-per-click turned out around 21-22 cents. If we assume the same bounce rate (~80%), that's probably too wasteful.

Great work - just love the energy to promote Gridcoin.

Other ideas:

  • promote with museums the science of gridcoin and boinc and see if people can pay membership with Gridcoin and in their store.
  • I make games in web-browsers but games could be used to illustrate the concept to gridcoin and acquire new user base like veteran boinc users, university computer labs running boinc, kids interested in science, teachers, etc.
  • make a Udemy course for free to teach Gridcoin installation and mining and boinc (like this -
  • target the Game Based Learning and Serious Games community for their input and integration with their content.
  • speaking of games is it possible to solve boinc tasks in web browser using the player CPU or WebGL... Play the game and mine Gridcoin at the same time.
  • make SCORM courses which is easily used by teachers. (

Just a few thoughts around what I know.
I am also making a Gridcoin page on my website :D

Thank you,

good luck!!

Thanks for your hard work vortac!