Gridcoin funding campaign: connect Global Processing Unit to Gridcoin

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The Global Processing Unit Team is investigating how to connect the GPU client to the Gridcoin network, so that people running it are rewarded with Gridcoins.

Unlike in Golem (an Ethereum token), the submission of tasks in GPUs will stay free. A possible way to connect GPU to the Gridcoin network is to create a proxy BOINC project. If you would like to fund development of this new GPU feature, you can donate Gridcoins at this address:
At time of writing we already collected 12720 Gridcoins.
For questions you can write an email to [email protected]
Thank you for your donation!

Source & More info at:
Link to related tweet:

From Twitter:

"In what way? Running BOINC Work via the 'Global Processing Unit' or making use of GRC's computing power for free within the 'G.P.U'?"

Answer: This is the investigation subject: Either running BOINC via GPU or making a BOINC proxy project for GPU or modifying gridcoin to run GPU

My Comment: I have no idea what this project is all about but it's something new and maybe some of you are interested or can shed more light..


Im guessing its this, its a nice idea but no updates since 2013 rings a few alarm bells. If they want to connect to Gridcoin, Im not sure why there is a need for funding.

Anyway interesting catch, lets see what happens...

In what way does the dangermouse guy propose to connect the GPU client to GRC? Do they mean running BOINC GPU work from within the GPU in order to earn GRC, or does he mean tapping into the volunteer computing power available within the BOINC network?

Good question but I don't think it's clarified on the site..

dangermouse_77 dangermouses tweeted @ 10 Jul 2017 - 09:11 UTC

#Gridcoin funding campaign: connect Global Processing Unit to Gridcoin #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #golem #ethereum…

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that's interesting thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

If you know a bit more about this project please say so.. If it's worth it I would be more than glad to donate some coins!

dangermouses on twitter said that he just registered for steemit, so perhaps we'll see him positng here soon enough :D


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