Recording Gridcoin Community Hangout #041

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Hello. The last gridcoin hangout was a success. We had 10 people connected. The topics we discussed are:

  • Proposed development changes
  • Advertisement strategy
  • Possibility to introduce gamers and hardware enthusiasts to join Boinc and Gridcoin
  • Summary of recent network events

You can now listen to the trimmed, but otherwise unedited recording: mp3, flac.
I was there, so I recorded, trimmed and upload the recording for you. Other recordings (currently last #033) can be reached via the original post.


Wow , that is a low turn out. Why the change or what has changed the past few months within the community to cause less people to want to actively engage? When I last attended it was 23 people and our average was 15 but I stopped attending around the start of July. They have been encouraging gamers per providing GPU "wrappers" apps that are typically 5x the data payload than CPU so I bet that was a very interesting mumble session subject.. 5 things on the list. Been part of [email protected] since alpha and with my 4mb stb riva tnt2 with 4mb add on laptop EDO stick and 2 x 12mb voodoo 2's just for the cool openGL [email protected] waterfall watching the 3.5mhz frequency spectrum as they pan around the bandscope and it took them over a decade to figure out how to take advantage of the hardware vs just showing off CPU usage! For those whom read this and are new to BOINC and Gridcoin. :)

I think it is caused by @erkan no longer moderating the hangouts. He has some good people talking skills to make the hangout more interesting, also in terms of guests.
Another factor might be lack of recordings. Many people can't attend so they reach for recordings. When they see that the last was from half year ago, they assume there are no more hangouts.
Another thing might be Steemit limitation. I would like to resteem the RSVP post, day before the hangout, but can't as is is too old.

I think it is caused by @erkan no longer moderating the hangouts

He never solely moderated the hangouts AFAIK, he spoke during his topics on competitions and polls, but a few months ago he ceased talking at all and reverted to just posting controversial topics without backing them up with words. In fuzzy's hangouts if you don't speak your topic doesn't get spoken about - a smart and less stressful move for the moderator.

I've taken a break from attending the hangouts because:

  • I had done like 35+ straight, need a break.
  • They were getting stressful with people picking apart my words.
  • Regular attendees had become increasingly hostile in chat/irc despite showing a completely different face/personality in mumble, it's really off-putting. I've got these individuals on mute across most platforms now though.

In the mean time, I believe that Peppernrino will be a perfect host for the future & attendance will increase when more people retweet/resteem/like/share the hangout details, likewise attending the beyondbitcoin/whaletank shows prior to the grc hangouts brings new attendees into the hangouts.

When provided the edited hangout audio, I'll upload it to soundcloud/mixcloud/youtube as usual, doesn't take much effort on my part. It might be worth putting in new expenses for rino's editing work.

For the record... I plan on bringing forth a proposal of reforming the hangouts in order to provide rolls/structure/incentive for all of this to keep operating.

We are restructuring the hangouts to better focus on news and production. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas on how to make things better = )

The uni server likes to reset file permission, I will be checking once in a while, but in case I miss and the files become inaccessible, immediately send very short e-mail to [email protected] (that is not my email address)

Thanks for the upload! Maybe you can change to logo to match our new Gridcoin logo? :)

The logo was specially made to stand out of usual gridcoin thumbnail and signify the Mumble hangout.

Of course. But this does not mean that it can't be adjusted to the new logo.

Feel free to make a logo for me. You can use or even contribute to this branding package

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