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For those impatient I am making available a recording from events of 4th November.

The 5 hour long audio file is available as an mp3 84 MiB

The Classroom was meant for new users, but only the old crew showed up. Therefore most of the content from it will be repeated in the next one.
There were quite a few people on the proposal discussion. @jringo said that there will be a "progress report" article posted with summary of the hangout and comments. The progress report is already available.

Additionally I have the multichannel audio file, if you want them for editing, I can also provide them.
Other recordings can be reached via the original post.


to clarify, the "progress report" is going to summarize the week's discussions, not the hangout. it will be posted on thursday or friday and be used to provide talking points for the hangout on saturday

The progress report is already available. Plise, consider up-voting it, instead of this post.

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