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RE: Gridcoin 4.0-2018 General Roadmap Poll - Receiving Earned Research Rewards

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First time ERR earners are going to have trouble with the Manual Claim Fee (MCF). Where are they going to get coins to pay in order to get their coins? Sure, faucet could be an answer, but as someone new to crypto (still) and learning rapidly - I assure you that the simple application of the faucet was still a difficult concept to get my head around when I started reading. (anyone going back and looking at my earlier Reddit threads would agree.)

Superblock payouts are plausable early on IMHO, but given the rate that the GRC network is growing, I can imagine that it wouldn't take long for that to become a massive superblock - and a new approach would be needed.

I'll be reading this post and trying to figure it out before I vote.


Keep in mind that a principal purpose of transaction fees in blockchain tech, including with MERRC, is to prevent an adversary from spamming the network with data (transactions). General transaction fees for blockchains are very low. Gridcoin currently suggests a .001 GRC for transactions, and forces a .00011 fee for registering a beacon.

A MERRC fee is likely to be very similar to these fee structures. The intent is only to prevent someone from clicking the button a million times in a row.

Even so, where is that first time user going to get 0.0000001 GRC to try to get his claim? That is the foundation of my question.

SOURCE: I was dang nervous when I started this about when my payout was going to come to me. The correct answer was: "Patience Grasshoper" . What I lacked was patience. :-)

EDIT: Ya know.... I don't know why I didn't think about the faucet as the answer for this.
The answer becomes: Go to the faucet, then issue your pay me request.