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RE: Gridcoin 4.0-2018 General Roadmap Poll - Receiving Earned Research Rewards

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@jringo this article is brilliantly written in regards to a quick overview of pros and cons. Often I don't vote because I can't find a clear enough explanation and would rather make no choice than the wrong one. Thank you!

Can you possibly expand on this idea under Superblock Payments:

On the downside, there is no incentive to hold mined coins.


On behalf of everyone who helped, thank you! We're glad to be of service. There were half a dozen of us in the original article and an additional handful of us working on these in #poll-drafts on slack.

This statement is alluding to the requirements to receive your ERR. In order to receive your ERR you must stake. In order to stake, you must save up your GRC. Superblock payments would remove this requirement to receive your ERR. In truth, any removal of the stake barrier between a user and their ERR would remove this need to save to earn ERR, which could be viewed as good or bad... this is not phrased neutrally. I may need to edit this section. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I see. That makes perfect sense. Thanks as always @jringo.

How about a staking cue added to the current model?

Right now, if you stake you go into a 16 hour (?) hold while those coins are verified and then you go right back into the staking pool.

How about instead: when you stake you to to the back of a line. The next lucky person (based on the current model of staking chances) stakes and then takes a place behind you. In this way the low guys are just as are likely to stake a block as the high guys, but everyone gets a turn.