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in gridcoin •  10 days ago

I'd like to hear your preferred exchange for acquiring gridcoin.

My main exchange was Bittrex considering it's the biggest exchange we have at the moment, But recently I've decided to shift to using Decentralised exchanges.

I had a look at openledger but withdrawals and deposits are closed there so now I'm using RUDEX. I'm hoping to provide a little bit of liquidity in the GRC/BTS and GRC/BTC pairs. My plan is to sell GRC on RUDEX and buy it on bittrex in a sort of lets move some liquidity over to RUDEX kinda deal. Mostly as a means to give an alternative location for acquiring GRC.

Decentralised exchanges take some getting used to as you can basically trade GRC for any other pair you want. Also I found out you require BTS to cancel orders and stuff as everything is done on the blockchain so there a Transaction fees. They are however tiny transaction fees. 1 BTS will last you a very long time. Just remember to keep some about.

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It's a shame that OPEN.GRC is not active, but it hopefully will be in the future. RUDEX.GRC is pretty good.

I haven't tried any decentralized exchanges myself. Right now I'm only using Bittrex and southXchange. I really should give decentralized ones a try though..


They are really good for very quickly getting set up to swap cryptocurrencys, No KYC, Account takes 1 min to set up if that,

I use Bittrex and But I should give Rudex a try =)

+1 for

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