I got Gridcoin in Custom PC magazine

in gridcoin •  10 months ago

As a regular reader of Custom PC magazine in the UK, Im always disappointed at the focus on gaming, especially as they have a Folding@Home team for the magazine.

I channeled my inner 'Points of View' writer, and what do you know they only printed my drivel! The mentions are in the bottom left if its hard to spot.


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Great piece!

The GPU market is being hammered by crypto it's amazing. Also, an amazing waste a resources considering there's enough processing power which already exists to run both crypto and some sweet games = )

great post, thx for sharing!

Nice! :)

Great job man!

Good post @scalextrix ! We could do so much more with all that proe

Very nice touch to promote us! Why the blue line? :-p


Just not advertising my real name, Im sure people can find it if they really try, just not making it easy

Wow, nice job! What is the issue of the magazine? I may just buy a copy to sell as a collectors item when GRC is worth a fortune. =P

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