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Researchers like Dr. Akira Nakagawara are using platforms like World Community Grid that runs on the BOINC platform to do research. Research to help real people and find new ways to develop medication and progress for mankind. Many of these projects does not have huge funds and participation are volunteering.

Join Gridcoin, a humanitarian cryptocurrency

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency rewarding evenly throughout various BOINC projects for anyone running computations. Rewards that comes from distributing new coins on the platform to help these projects gain more momentum and more users.

Help researchers like Dr. Akira Nakagawara on WCG to reach his goals and get rewards in Gridcoin by joining us in the future way of humanitarian cryptocurrency.

Investors are welcome as well

You can invest in the Gridcoin cryptocurrency as well, with a Yearly Interest rate of 1.5% you will gain from just holding coins as well. Doing research is an optional way of earning even more while contributing.

We are present on C-Cex, Poloniex, Bittrex as well as on OpenLedger DEX

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I have never noticed Gridcoin before, it looks like a good project. Will look into this :)


Nice, welcome to us @cryptodan! :)
You should explore the #gridcoin tag here on steeemit as we are very active here as a community. There are much information on how it all works.


Thanks, first thing on my to do list tomorrow

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Sound like gridcoin goes towards achieving a good cause but if everyone worked on the 'prevention' of diseases like Cancer then you will not have so many people with Cancer. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are natural medicines for the body. Begin with food.


Well, I'm sure that fruits with natural minerals and enzymes are great for the body. But your comment is unjust. Finding medications and new treatments for this horrible disease is vital. I've had several people in my life affected by it and many I know passed away from causes related to it.

This is a way for me to be able to give people in my life and others hope, maybe not for a cure but for easier treatments or medication to reduce their problems. It's a horrible thing to live through.

hi Dr, great article, I'm campaigning about cancer in my place too, this very help full for me, thx for share