Nicehash-to-currency converter compensations

in #gridcoin2 years ago (edited)

Nicehash-to-Gridcoin/Banano/Dogecoin was down from 2020-01-07 8:00 GMT+0 to 2020-01-08 12:00 because of malformed crontab file. Nicehash itself working correctly, and I received rewards for that period, but I have no detailed stats. So I did extrapolation based on before/after mining speed + round to nearest pretty number.

I'm going to send next amounts tomorrow morning (before 13:00 GMT+3). If you have any questions, write me. If you mine in that period and haven't found your address here, you can write me too.



S5oaCYze8WZZsNQrvUY84bnqbve8orYazc - 50 GRC
S4WZkAMrZp31N8kCTbEUj4TzkVRyn8zwji - 400 GRC
S8ypJf6Q6TeaanTVXj7Ya2EqtbwUFGjVfG - 300 GRC
S1RvNLy5q3cqNQvHoaZ7VuyvagruMLBDxe - 150 GRC
Rztyc7bM1vsSmJw5NGYA4SLS7EmxQ4Jsda - 50 GRC
SMCSHf6vqXuynNsBY4um3WXrpBDxMB7peV - 50 GRC
SJpQ5gxV32rNFmBqB4L5VJwUhQUm2TtnAb - 150 GRC


ban_1aiqfsexi99od7xp7tau9c6c48w5tfbk1kto9y659surotijajz68z6913zj - 20 BAN
ban_3n4kgqyr71nukrjp8snm8gwnhnjg5wttydddndi4eoer4s73e617qq7jq4y9 - 10 BAN
ban_3jh1qu5feao9yxb8nexjr8dyyzhneemc8xyd9r46k4x94f5hxnzz4x4aap48 - 50 BAN
ban_3c16hnkhaxt7efczcp5979q695cbgnfrq1srmqiwkwqmcksxokeek4mj8z5e - 2000 BAN
ban_1sammypdktq6ii6fuwiqf98rrjc1gz7nc4qwcjdqp1syopg8myatdcm4393b - 200 BAN
ban_3hckdtn8cfwmt3xps87k5y7snzzfwgswditt59ksagj4ux7jsxm7ykri74bx - 100 BAN
ban_3x45x7dp315dh7iu47wce4f65w17o8s9zzxmyo3zqsg7xe1iynmy39he9k5q - 50 BAN
ban_17gpaafyrf7aoj1mmk1ea7cq3ei3rojiz5zjcnn1pm754u7u8nh7t9by8869 - 200 BAN
ban_1p3qzkdq33xo4jf4awse4z6xj83c84xpu4ko8axspp5xho7pci1s9xjn4qkw - 200 BAN
ban_1qtjxpycspr5zzq66p4gf3h9t97rq7f9q4gu9buyhr8zgmi73j3aym9t6aun - 10 BAN


DLdigiEdAH7mNtY2rDjghSRvFGw94iiKyg - 50 DOGE

Thank you for staying on top of this. :)

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