Computation Error means--?

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Latest update on my gridcoin mining adventures. I don't know what "Computation Error" means but it probably isn't good. There seems to be no big deal as a result of them, just something that needs to be re-computed or something. I guess.

I don't know what the gridcoin take is because I forgot my GRC password. Fortunately my brother has it backed up so I am not worried about it.

Anyways, hoping my computation error isn't wrecking the Milky Way, heh, heh, heh.

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Computation errors are usually bad. It means that your computer cannot compute the task, usually because it's unstable or faulty. However, these Milkyway@home errors are an exception - a bad batch of workunits was created over the weekend and they all errored out.

Don't worry about it unless you are getting many errors, the occasional glitch can happen.

If you are getting a lot of errors:

  1. Check the projects that are giving you the errors to see if they have had any problems such as faulty batches of work.

  2. Check your Hardware!! Are stress tests successful (Prime95, Furmark)? Other tests (Memtest)?

  3. If the problems are limited to one or two projects report it on the projects forums and see if anybody else has similar issues and if the project can fix it.

  4. Check your OS and other software for issue's.

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I am mining Gridcoin as well. I get these "Computation Errors" on my main mining rigs and all of my peripherals as well. I think it just means that the designers (I.E. the people who create the "Work Units") need to think about which platforms their research will be computed upon.

For example, I have not be able to complete one "Collatz Conjecture" on my Samsung S8. I have crunched 200 hours and only processed 10% of a single "Work Unit".

thank you for sharing valuable information.