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RE: New Marketing Initiative for Gridcoin

in #gridcoin2 years ago (edited)

Although Google has officially banned all ads about cryptocurrency-related content on their advertising networks, my recent tests have confirmed that all our Gridcoin ads are still approved and intact on our Google Ads account. For testing purposes, I have even created a few new ads explicitly mentioning ‘Gridcoin’ and pointing to and they were also approved within few hours.

I believe they they decided to be more lenient recently about cryptocurrency ads.

Another thing that could be done to increase social media presence would be a gleam contest every now and then for a GPU or other components (maybe even partner with some companies) where users have to retweet/follow gridcoin on social medias to get chances to win the contest.

I know Origin PC did one for a revived(volunteers) game last year, so they might be interested.


If the gridcoin ads got rejected, we could direct them to the boinc science page which indirectly mentions gridcoin. I think it'll be fine though.

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