Gridcoin is on StackExchange! (Proposal submitted)

in gridcoin •  last year

I thought it would be nice to have a platform for all the questions Gridcoin users may have regarding the currency and wallet installations. As the cryptocointalk forum is quite 'niche', I thought the Gridcoin community would benefit from having its own StackExchange (SE) website. SE provides a much more rich environment for Q&As and is effortless to sign up for:


While we grow in numbers this site will remain in the Area 51 SE until more questions are asked.

Feel free to join, ask questions and contribute as you wish!

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For those looking for this, the SE page is here


Oops haha, thanks I've edited my post.

I guess its a cool idea, we could do something similar on steemit too - monthly Q&A threads?


I'm all for it! I think the difficulty of installation is a major bottleneck to Gridcoin attracting BOINC users and the long term future of the cryptocurrency...