Folding@Home. Add to BOINC?

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Folding@home is another distributed research project similar to Rosetta@home and Gpugrid.

You can find more information at the following link:

Also, some might know that there is the cryptocurrency, Curecoins (CURE), which is similar to Gridcoin (GRC) in the aspect that it rewards individuals for the contributions to research.

More information here:

This project is currently not on BOINC. I was thinking that we could setup a BOINC project to run the Folding@home application and earn CURE. If it proves difficult to distribute CURE via the BOINC project, we could just cash them out and rain GRC to project participants.

Collaboration such as this would strengthen both GRC and CURE and the compute-resource blockchain services ecosystem while fulfilling our communities’ goal of contributing to worthwhile scientific endeavors. It would specifically help GRC and CURE by adding a new project for volunteers to gain magnitude, increase visibility of Gridcoin, and increase the volume of Gridcoins traded (due to the buying of CURE and the raining of GRC).

Why has this not been done before?

This has been attempted before; the FAH program tried to setup a BOINC server and was derailed in 2006. They still lack the necessary professional labor and capital requirements as of today.

Official statement here:

What does everyone think about trying to make this operational?

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This has been suggested before:
If you have Ideas on how to do that please put them there!

The folding@home was working in a wrapper to boinc . When its ready and if its fair with the credits (very important to be fair), it would get whitelisted.


Can you provide a source for that? It would be nice to help if possible.


Nevermind, i mistook 2006 for 2016. Amazing how much time this has been going haha.


10 years of development sounds right to have the differences worked out. It looks like they need labor and captial.

I used to crunch for Folding@Home along side Seti@Home Classic back in the dark ages before BOINC was created.
As I recall the science behind Folding@Home is a little different to Rosetta@Home, they are not necessarily in direct competition with each other even though they are both concerned with the science of protein folding.