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I have suffered a loss to my magnitude because of the issue with #Boincstats. I want corrective action because I believe that you should mitigate this risk on behalf of your current stakeholders (I.E. me, a concerned stakeholder). I look forward to you responding with appropriate action.

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It is clear that you lack fundamental understanding of what Gridcoin is, and how GRC is awarded. Before you make such heated demands, maybe it's worth doing some research.

BOINC is the distributed platform that allows researchers to farm work out to volunteers. Each BOINC project gives out credits at some rate that the administrator for that project decides.

BOINCStats is a website created and maintained by Willy de Zutter, and helps you track and compare your contributions across all projects. It pulls statistics from all project servers.

The Gridcoin network is a blockchain that rewards users for their BOINC contributions. It also pulls statistics directly from project servers.

There is zero affiliation between BOINCstats and Gridcoin. Nill. One could cease to exist entirely and it would not affect the other entity at all.

good explanation to a new person , we all tend at one time or another to forget when we have been around even a few weeks/months/years that we had to ask or google how things work etc and are not all at the same technical level since some are in this for the $$$ and some the science.
Sometimes a mag drop will be due to a project for some reason or error not being included in a superblock , you can clock that @ and see how many were included in the latest/last superblock along with cross checking the official websites whitelist .
Another reason for drops is large numbers of new users joining boinc or switching teams or new team Gridcoin joins whom have excessive hardware as todays market of video cards , you see many people with multiple 16-72 core systems and multiple gtx1030-gtx1080ti cards and those can run multiple WU per GPU depending on how you configure your plan_class or app_config.xml so it really is like playing the stock market and wall-street and lots of patience. I will tell you from my own experience my mag has been 1840 for a few days , it was in the 700s even more. I got used to 180-220 being my average with even less than my current hardware , it was nice at that time 65grc a day for a 120 mag but now 80-120 and it fluctuates all week long back and forth and is 18-22grc a day. Most users are happy with 1-3 grc a day with their quad core phone and single desktop/laptop , others expect $5USD a day.

What issue do you mean exactly ?


Thank you for your response. As a stakeholder I appreciate the timely nature of your reply. I did some further research into the problem and it turns out that it was in my hardware. I apologize for my hasty conclusion.

Best to shoot before asking questions , or in the Internet age LMGTFY

BOINCStats and Gridcoin's reward mechanism are entirely separate.

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