Gridcoin Research v3.5.9.7b / MSI=43.1 - Windows Mandatory Wallet UpgradesteemCreated with Sketch.

in gridcoin •  2 years ago

Released on July 25, 2017


  • Neural Network business logic rule fix inability to stake current superblock

Our dedicated (and mostly gratis) development team has been lovingly hacking away at the superblock issue, and this update is mandatory for Windows users. Please upgrade immediately to help people get their magnitude back on track. :)



Or, you can update Windows Qt client by simply selecting Upgrade QT Client -> Upgrade client

Thank you to our main developer Rob Halförd, @denravonska, and anybody else that chipped in. Tag yourself developers, and I will list you in the next post! :D

Sorry for missing the last wallet update post, but these past couple updates happened so fast! I was busy developing bridges for social media apps the past couple days... please join our Discord server (invite code: for a bridge to #gridcoin-discord on Freenode through #freenodebridge-irc on our Discord server! ...does that make sense? :D

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<3 awesome

Already 222 blocks staked with the new client, are there news about block consensus? I can not access my wallet at the moment to execute a neuralreport myself, but I am very curious if the update helped to create the next superblock. I cannot imagine the stress the devs had the last days, and I am very thankful for their hard work!




"Neural Hash" : "Popularity,Percent %",
"06cf6e3c986bcad85249a0411227546d" : "2; 1.80%",
"4d58f8503fa286a5c9f354c1cb48128d" : "36; 29.40%",
"4dcaad9fb6e6f61519ecc9c4879b2da3" : "52; 41.84%",
"b297645351fe4a637e327ed7e9e453c8" : "33; 26.95%",
"Superblock Age" : 656901,
"Last Sync" : 977370.00000000,
"Next Sync" : 977400.00000000,
"Next Quorum" : 977380.00000000

Thanks for the information! Will update.

I wanted to let MSI=43.1 run over night, but in the morning I saw, it has shut down itself...
Started again, lets see...


Happens to me after many upgrades, but mostly it is a one-time thing. When I restart the wallet, everything runs smoothly and perfectly!


Now working: just got PoR reward.


Did you not get these the last days? I got PoR rewards, only the magnitude does not change, as there is no superblock.