yoyo@home - optimising the output

in gridcoin •  9 months ago

yoyo@home is one of the whitelisted Gridcoin projects and brings existing distributed computing projects to the BOINC world using the BOINC Wrapper. Yoyo is currently running the following sub-projects:

With the various tools being used for these sub-projects, I was wondering whether the point distribution would be equal across them and if an optimisation in output would be possible for yoyo@home. Fortunately, I have a large number of work-units available from my calculated RAC series, which gave me the opportunity to test this.

The first step was to create a homogenous data-set to allow a proper comparison. This meant that I had to remove all work-units produced by ARM processors for OGR. OGR is the only sub-project supporting this processor, which provides substantially less points on average compared to Intel and AMD processors.

After exclusion of the WUs, I compiled the overview below with the various sub-projects, the number of samples per sub-project, the points generated, the total run-time and the average amount of points per hour for each sub-project.

The result is really interesting. Basically ECM, Siever and Perfect Cloud generate +/- 50% more points/hour than evolution@home and OGR. This means there is a real opportunity to optimise the output for yoyo@home.

You can change the projects in the preference section on the website selecting the following:

Once you have saved the preferences, you will only receive work-units from these 3 sub-projects and gradually your output and RAC will increase.

Enjoy the extra output and keep on crunching!

Gridcoin is an open source cryptocurrency (Ticker: GRC) which securely rewards volunteer computing performed upon the BOINC platform in a decentralized manner on top of proof of stake.

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a distributed Internet platform launched beginning of 2002 and rewards participants with credits for performed work. BOINC is an application available for multiple Operating Systems and utilises the unused CPU and GPU cycles on computers to perform scientific work.

Thanks for reading. Follow me for more BOINC & Gridcoin related articles.
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Great analysis!

For some projects WUs are taking a very long time on most processors, so average time per WU is another factor that myself take into account. This might be important in case WUs are not credited if submitted after the deadline. My late units were accepted on yoyo, though. I opted out from these projects, as didn't like to submit late.


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