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I regularly read messages on BOINC forums about projects having limited or no work availability, affecting equal earnings across users and projects for work being delivered in Team Gridcoin. There are ongoing developments to resolve this issue and @guk has just launched another proposal on Steemit to address this.

To provide better visibility to the community, I thought of building a dashboard with all whitelisted projects and their WU availability.

My initial thought was to look at the amount of work-units available in the server queue but this didn’t really provide a good measure because some projects can generate very quickly new WUs and as such the WUs in queue can be low.

As second option, I checked the credits awarded in the last 7 days versus the average over the last 40 days. The idea is when projects are awarding a constant amount of credit, it also means they are sending WU’s to BOINC clients. This means when the amount of credits awarded in the last 7 days are in-line with the 40-days average than everything is fine but when the credits awarded in the last 7 days are substantially lower than the 40-days average, I would consider this a problem.

The table below is my first attempt with all whitelisted projects. There are 4 projects with problems but only 2 are significant enough to monitor closely: [email protected] and Sourcefinder. I hope this overview can contribute in the discussions and help structure the decision process of keeping projects whitelisted.

Looking forward to your comments.

Sources: BOINCStats

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Boinc project provide xml feeds with such info iirc

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I think it is a very good idea, simple but efficient... so we can be informed regularly about the situation of the projects... I would do it weekly and not daily...

Fuly agree, I would consider a weekly update to be sufficient as well and if there is an interest I'll post them.

I think the conditions should be automatically evaluated daily, or better twice a day. If you are doing it by hand, then yeah, however often you feel comfortable.
But post it only once a week.

This type of data would work perfectly with the whitelist process proposal, It could replace the following from my proposal:

Whitelisting & Re-Whitelisting:

  • Has had no periods greater than 48 hours without any work within the last 7 days

    replaced by something like

  • Projects "Parejan" score is Green.


  • The project is offline for a period greater than 5 consecutive days

  • The project has an empty work-queue for a period greater than 5 consecutive days

  • The project has an empty work-queue for 7 days in any consecutive 14 day period

    replaced by something like

  • Projects "Parejan" score is Red.

In order to decentralise and help automate project whitelisting I wonder if such a calculation could be built into the Superblock?

This is really good @guk, we need to integrate it in the Superblock based on a set formula.
Red and green still need to be defined because empty doesn't mean 0 to me.

For example:
Red = below 10% of the last 40-days average
Green = above 10% of the last 40-days average
Amber = will not be used

Are you talking Fuzzy logic here?

No, I think we can stick to Boolean logic based on set number of variables. I don’t know how much intelligence, including external feeds, we can add to blockchains so the proposal could be too complex to implement. Do you have any views on this?

I would rather not integrate this logic into the wallet. Maybe feed the data into the "neural" network, once it is in state that can actually be edited.
Or better yet, Have the script calculating grey-list status somewhere and just notify Quez to send appropriate transaction.

That makes sense to build a script to calculate grey-list status seperately. I'll keep it on the list of things to take forward.

After you refine this idea, pleas post it to Gridcoin Tasks.

This is not your idea and the damn Greylist is something I personally have been working on for the past 6 months. You were there when I brought it up on the last mumble. Shows your integrity and that the mumble really is a place to steal and take credit for others work and ideas. A matter of fact , as a group it shows the teams integrity.

Err, you really seem to have some issues.

Everything I have done has been open and published here, in the Gridcoin slack and on github asking for feedback, if someone else wants to present a different proposal then that is fine by me and I would encourage it but I have not seen anything published beyond saying it could do with being worked on.

There has been talk for months about greylisting but nobody has actually published anything.

This has been talked about AT LEAST a year ago (long before your "6 months"). It's not your idea. Shows your integrity to be stealing someone else's idea.


This should be automated and put on a web. Maybe Startail (@sc-steemit) can help you.

I agree, if @sc-steemit could integrate it in Gridcoinstats that would be the best place.

Great idea. Thanks for that. Maybe you can do this once a week?

No problem, I can do this until we have it in the superblock as mentioned in @guk comment.

Also a problem is, that if the credit output that day dropped below, it it is already too late to greylist.

You guys need better fact finding and get info before posting votes for 0 work. This votes best answer is " YES " but it was created after the work started flowing again after 5m WU batch release was completed and results compiled etc. This project may show 0 ready to send at the top of the page , then look down per vina the Windows application per [email protected] and smina for linux and 129804 in progress and its a constant few dozen per minute generated and ready to send. I have multiple servers that run over 1k WU per day as [email protected]'s WUs are small and it takes a lot to provide a workflow and with the number of Gridcoin users plus the rest of the B.O.I.N.C. community you will see a steady 14 per app ready to send and I can show you a video of my cluster and the boinc-tasks transfer tab and a stead upload/download of work units for this project. How about deleting both this post and the vote its invalid and should be sent to /dev/null . Rosetta had 0 WU for more time than the 3 days [email protected] did and I do not see it up for vote.. there are others too , do not rely on external sites from the project for WU count especially for votes it makes the Gridcoin community look ignorant. Lets also bring up my Greylist idea creation and again bring up that the task and method of projects being included into the Gridcoin whitelist needs to not be in the hands of a human and a task that is human controlled.

THE GREY LIST proposal
A project would apply to be put on the WL either per us contacting them ( we need @gridcoin.tld addresses for email and should not look like a crap show of random [email protected] ) or per their interest in Gridcoin and contacting us.
The project would be on a 6 week trial and have to have an uptime of 99.9% for their servers ( ie: pingable or online not WU )
The project would for that 6 week also have to have a steady work unit flow that would require ##### of WU available at all times. ( depending on WU batch size , we need to take other factors in count but i am putting this on steemit where its not the most tech minded people as ive noticed you are all just bloggers )
If the project can do this for the initial 6 week trial ( yes greylist means you can crunch for GRC ) it gets migrated automatically to the whitelist )
If a project is on the WL and goes without work for ###hr ( or in days ) its migrated to automatically by the Gridcoin neural network to the Greylist.
If that project corrects the issue in that 6 weeks its put back on the WL.
If that project does not correct the issue , there is no vote needed or personal opinion/feelings/likes/dislikes the project would automatically removed from the whitelist and neural network and GRC rewards would not be collectible on WU processed after that period until the issue was resolved.
We need a gridcoin.tld ( .us is already owned ) and someone to host pop3/webmail for contacting projects and for the team of Trusted Community members whom would take on the tasks of contacting projects when the WL/Greylist and if needed a Blacklist but I have been proposing this for over 6 months.


@tomasbrod brah ffs , you commented on the post and i find irony its content per my greylist idea ( originally the project/stat jailing system ) as its a pre july 5th post and I will quote it below.
This was a few months after going from my thoughts in the shower to deeper clothed brain storming ,research as i don't code past basic on my my ol' c=64 http:// github.com/Erkan-Yilmaz/Gridcoin-tasks/issues/6#issuecomment-274339505

"tomasbrod commented on Apr 15 • edited
Port the Neural Network to Linux first? In case the porting involves rewriting no work would be lost.
Where are the sources to DOTNET part of gridcoin?
#14 "

So were you just not bored with Gridcoin since this is pre you hacking the network to the American 4/4/2017 also known as The 4th of July? Was there something you wanted with the NN and a 0day exploit? Hay greyhat, greylist and view on theft.. irony.