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Here is another Gridcoin project stats update. Every week I look at the project chart developments and highlight an interesting aspect in the charts. This week I’ll take a look at Gridcoin project stats of projects which are not whitelisted.

At the moment there are 25 whitelisted BOINC projects on the Gridcoin network with which you can earn GRC by running these projects. You would think that Gridcoin team members only select these projects to maximise the GRC earnings but after a few months of reading articles on Steemit, I know now that this not a true reflection of all Gridcoin team members. Some will try to maximise the earnings by picking specific projects, while others are happy to continue with their BOINC projects purely based on scientific goals even if they are not whitelisted.

To confirm this I decided to check team Gridcoin activities on none-whitelisted BOINC projects. Below is the compiled table with all projects which have at least one active Gridcoin user. The overview provides the standard Recent Average RAC and Team RAC vs Overall RAC % but I have also included how many active Gridcoin users are participating in the project and what the Gridcoin team position is based on points.

I was surprised to see the number of projects supported by active Team Gridcoin users and the percentage of RAC contribution they deliver to the overall RAC of the project, eg., Leiden Classic and [email protected] This clearly demonstrates that there is a substantial number of Gridcoiners that are happy to continue with their favourite project even if they don’t receive any earnings, which shows strong project- but also team-loyalty.

And here are the charts for all whitelisted projects, with the definitions per indicator at the end of the article.


  • Recent Average RAC = The total amount of RAC produced by all systems within the Gridcoin network.
  • Team RAC vs Overall RAC % = The proportion of RAC output team Gridcoin has produced as part of the overall RAC for the project.
  • GRC per 1k RAC = The amount of GRC you will receive for a system per 1000 RAC points.
    Example: You have a system which is running [email protected] with a RAC value of 3500. According to the chart on 30-Oct, you should gain 3.5 x 0.42 GRC = 1.47 GRC per day for this system.
  • USD per 1k RAC = The amount of USD you will receive for a system per 1000 RAC points.
    Example: You have a system which is running [email protected] with a RAC of 4700. According to the chart on 30-Oct, you should gain 4.7 x $0.29= $1.36 per day for this system.


Thanks for reading. Follow me for more BOINC & Gridcoin related articles.


Yeah, I'm somewhere in the middle. I run some projects for pure profit. On the other hand, I also like crunching the "17 or bust" subproject on PrimeGrid, which has poor conversion into magnitude. The mathematical problem behind "17 or bust" fascinates me so much that I can't help but crunch on it.

N.b. I think this is an interesting dimension of Gridcoin which should be studied/discussed in more depth. To what extent might Gridcoin influence a redistribution of computational power on the BOINC network? Or is this offset by the fact that Gridcoin is attracting new users and/or encouraging existing users to contribute more computational power? What you describe here does indeed provide good evidence that the redistribution of computational power might not be so drastic. Many of us are, after all, science geeks, technologists, and altruists :D

But yeah, at some point if the future all of this may merit a more formal "study".

This is an interesting question. I'll think about, maybe there is a simple way to show it based on available historical RAC information. A topic for one of my next articles?? Thanks.

Great work.

Gives users an idea how much they can use to defray those electricity costs.

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