Faucet Is Empty!

in gridcoin •  last year

Hoi Steemit! I have some troubling news today, I was checking out the Gridcoin Switzerland faucet ( when I found that it was empty! It only has 0.02 Gridcoin left. I feel that the faucet was hacked or someone abused it, since it had quite a bit of Gridcoin before.

I encourage anyone and everyone with a bit of Gridcoin to spare to send some Gridcoin to this faucet. Also, try to contact the person who owns the faucet as I have a monetization idea that involves no ads (Coinhive captcha). Then they could get a minor amount of funds for the faucet.

I sadly cannot donate currently as I cannot access my wallet, but again, I encourage anyone with Gridcoin to spare to send a few to SF83agM4ERg1WaJvKNbJYrWRHVvUM3xkZz. Thanks.

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It seems they have multiple servers and some caching enabled. You will get 0 GRC response a lot of time. but at this point there are some GRC in it.

also @grider123 runs the faucet and there are ways by which you can also help. Example is donation post. if you can't send GRC you can atleast upvote. all payments he recieve from steemit post is convered to GRC and made available via faucet.

coinhive captcha was the first thing that was placed on the faucet and was removed coz it didn't made sense and money enough to fuel the faucet.


He should probably put his uername on the faucet site to make it easier to contact


Will add it. Thanks for the suggestion.


Alrighty, thank you!

I like the idea of advertisements on these faucets. The ads generate real money that is then used to buy gridcoin, which in turn, will prop up the currency. I see it as a win-win. Users of the faucet get paid in gridcoin to watch an advertisement. This way there is a constant source of revenue for the faucet.

Other gridcoin faucets have advertisements, ----->"in your face" ad, only available on android

Real money going into is this not great?

Sometimes the balance shows 0 because all coins are sent out and I have to wait until the change comes back. I will improve this in the future :)

Balance 852.22427786 now. Must have been a glitch.

As far as I remember, they've tried Coinhive, and it didn't work very well. Almost no profit