Gridcoin Rainmeter Skin

5 days ago
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A few months ago I saw @PsiPhiTheta made a Rainmeter skin to show a selection of data about a crunchers CPID.

I wanted to expand on it a bit and make it more customisable.

I therefore present the Gridcoin Monitor for Rainmeter. There are two skins, the first of which shows general price information in a currency of your choosing! The second skin pulls CPID information from Startails excellent website and displays it in the skin.

Price Ticker:
24hr Change
7d Change
24hr Volume
Total Supply

CPID Information:
Username associated with $CPID$
PoR per day
PoS per day
Owed PoR
Owed PoS
Balance associated with $CPID$


You can download the skins from Github. All info displayed is publicly available on the website.

Please let me know if there are any bug or features you would like adding.

EDIT: I have just pushed a small update to fix a refresh issue

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  ·  5 days ago

can you help a brother out?

price tracker is working fine, but the CPID info is all your stats:

  ·  5 days ago

silly me. I had to change the settings in the .config file = )

Looks and works great!

  ·  5 days ago


  ·  5 days ago

Nice work @neffers, looks great! Shall be sure to download this and give it a go - I'd only be checking the information manually, so it'll be great to have it readily to hand :)

  ·  5 days ago

What about some stats regarding Team Gridcoin -- combined credits/time or RAC/time (growth)?

  ·  5 days ago

Good idea, I'll take a look at doing that. Thanks!

  ·  5 days ago

Great work! :)

  ·  4 days ago

excellent work

very nice . but ... users with same skill like me need know how i can download it and install it . we need some words about it .
thank you for this excellent work again