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in gridcoin •  7 months ago

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I showed you my Raspberry/Orange Pi and other SBCs placed in their new place and crunching tasks

Today, I show you my tablets also crunching tasks in their new place as well. They are all crunching BOINC projects. The ones with the heatsinks are Intel-based tablets which overheat. Placing the heatsink and the fan cools them down:

That's all!

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Just go to and enter my username moisesmcardona like the image below. Then, press the Vote button:

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Genial -

Hice algo parecido con varias mini laptop de la familia, para así probar minergate y experimentar como funciona, jeje solo lo hice una semana, pero fue interesante.

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Not sure how to benchmark these. The Android tablets are Snapdragon and MediaTek-based. The others are Intel Atom tablets and single board computers.

Wepa es mucho circuito