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Hi everyone,

Today has been a busy day, as I've been configuring back my Raspberry and Orange Pi's as well as my PINE 64 to crunch BOINC Distributed Computing tasks again. Also, I moved some of the Intel SBCs to their new place as you can see in the image below:

These SBCs has been offline since the last days of July and now I've put them up to work and contribute again.

They are mostly running Universe@Home tasks. You can see the tasks here:

That's all for today!

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It sounds like you have been work too hard.
Do not work too hard, the life is too short!

nice post. i like it

Do you also have some numbers? How do they compare?


Used to have those. I'll have to look around for them.

Tienen un cientifico en tu casa

Super, BOINC is a great project!!