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Hi everyone,

In this post, I'll share my World Community Grid statistics so you all know my progress on their different Distributed Computing projects:

As you can see from the above stats, I just need one more year to obtain the Diamond 5 Year medal for Microbiome Immunity Project.

I also need 3 more years for FightAIDS@Home to obtain the 20 Year Diamond Badge.

As you saw in my two earlier posts, I've been moving my equipment and configuring them. That's why the past few days my contribution was lower, but today, they have performed a lot of computations and returned more tasks.

Oh, and I also got some Beta tasks!

And now, let's take a look at BOINC:

Intel i7-4700MQ:

Intel i7-3610QM:

Right now, I'm configuring BOINCTasks so that I can monitor all of my machines from one place 😁

That's all for this post!

And Remember to Vote for my witness!

Just go to and enter my username moisesmcardona like the image below. Then, press the Vote button:

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Anteriormente había visto algo de Gridcoin y sus aplicaciones de computación distribuida, pero veo que ya estas metido en el tema ¿puedes recomendarme algún tutorial para empezar con Gridcoin?



Aquí se encuentra un tutorial para comenzar a obtener Gridcoin:


Muchas gracias, voy a revisarlo.

Buena perspectiva