Research is Complete for TheSkyNet POGS

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POGS has officially completed their research as announced in this post on their news forum.

I'm a little bit sad to see the project come to a close but the project has produced a very large set of data for further research projects and I am glad to have contributed my share of computer time toward this goal.

There are still some work units in the pipeline awaiting validation but there has been no new work for several days now and there is not likely to be any more work released in the future.

I think It would be worth monitoring POGS' grey-list status in the coming days to see that the grey-list process is working as intended.

Goodbye POGS


It is indeed a pity that this project has finished, it was my favourite project for my mobile. On the other hand it is really great that project has reached its goals.

Greylisting is already being discussed on Slack but it can only happen with the set criteria are met. According to @G_UK in terms of actual greylisting:

It's very hard to estimate at the moment, what I can say is that it would be no less than say 3-4 days.

Well, sounds as if we could remove it from the whitelist then.

Yes, creating a de-list poll would be sensible since the project is complete and the servers will be closing down completely in the near future.

For the moment it will be greylisted quick so..

yeah, and that's good. Next step is to completely remove it, because it's just finished and there won't be any new work coming.

There is a reason we have the greylist and my original idea was automated but since it was stolen and g_uk decided to make it as if he came up with the idea its half assed and manual and I think that the people whom have access to whitelist/greylist/de-whitelist have it handled since they can manually manipulate the neural network. This is not the first time a project ended that was on the whitelist. Enigma and Mindmolding are 2 for example , you can go threw the projects listing under and see past projects. Thank god some of us actually look for new projects seeing as you want the whitelist to have as many projects as possible vs as small and as few projects thus giving the little guy a chance to earn something vs just the whales.

More projects equals less rewards per project though.

If you would have read the pogs announcement then you would know that, unlike for example enigma, pogs is not going to get new tasks. Like ever. It's done. They're going to shut down their servers.
The greylist is for projects that have temporary no workunits available, not for nostalgia for some forgotten projects.

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